ElderlyWith these symptoms you are also old

With these symptoms you are also old

People do not have to be old to age. The world is full of people who age before they age. The aging of the body is a sign of your body’s problems, but also to tell you need to take good care of their bodies.

1. Physical weakness, climbing a building, shortness of breath

The human internal organs have a self-recovery function. If you find yourself shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat after a little exercise, or usually struggle to walk a little farther. This means that your heart is prematurely failing.

The young people are different, they sit in the office for a long time and rarely go out to exercise, but as long as they keep exercising for a period of time, these symptoms will improve significantly. Aging people, on the other hand, are unable to improve this symptom.

2. Frequent constipation Unshaped stools

Few people will pay attention to their stool symptoms, but the symptoms of stool can also reflect whether a person’s body is aging. According to the survey, about 1/3 of all seniors who participated in the survey will have varying degrees of constipation. This is because elderly people have insufficient qi and blood, loss of fluid, and a weak spleen and stomach, which cannot transport water and grain properly. Then the intestinal function will dry up, forming constipation.

Once the elderly have dry stools and struggle to defecate, they must be aware of their aging and it is vital to drink more water and supplement dietary fiber to speed up the discharge of stools.

3. Nighttime Urination

The kidneys store essence, which is naturally sufficient when a person is young, but will gradually decrease as time goes by. This is the reason why elderly people have kidney deficiency. The kidneys are the main excretion, and kidney deficiency will result in excessive urination and urgency. Once you notice an increase in the number of nights up, that is a sign of aging.

Of course, kidney deficiency is not only for old people, but also for young people. According to their own body condition, the elderly people can use some kidney medicine to relieve this phenomenon.

4. Symptom of the body odor increased “plus age odor”

Due to the rise of age, people’s metabolism will slow down, and the body’s waste can not be regularly excreted, it will accumulate in the body, and over time will give off a special body odor, that is, “old people smell”. Then there is the elderly often can not hold urine, such as infrequent changes, will also lead to body odor.

The elderly do not necessarily have to dress themselves bright and shiny, their own hygiene must pay attention to change their clothes and pants, and bathing is the most convenient way to relieve the “old man smell”.

5. Premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction

The function of the internal organs will slowly decline with age, and the kidneys also represent the strength of sexual function. Generally speaking, male function declines after the age of 30, declining by 30% every 5 years. As you enter old age, androgen levels decline, and are more pronounced between the ages of 50 and 70. If you are still young and you develop such conditions, it is important to seek medical attention and early treatment as soon as possible to avoid reproductive disorders.

Erectile dysfunction is also one of the messages of aging. Elderly people have poor physical strength and are not suitable for too much sex, as long as there are no other physical problems, normal sex life can still be maintained, pay attention not to overindulge in sex and excessive loss of semen.

Aging is a physiological phenomenon that everyone has to face, early detection of aging can be a correct understanding of their own body, if the symptoms of aging appear at a young age, it is possible to adjust through some healthy lifestyle and diet.

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