ElderlyWhy does your Shaky Hands? These Situations Should be Noted

Why does your Shaky Hands? These Situations Should be Noted

Shaky Hands is a common phenomenon in people who are older, but the root of the disease may be in the brain. There are many causes of trembling hands, and we will find that many older people have symptoms of trembling hands if we look closely. So what are the causes of trembling hands? And how to improve it?

Causes of Shaky Hands

1. Idiopathic tremor

By far, it is the most common type of chronic tremor, with an incidence of about 4%. Idiopathic tremor is a tremor that occurs when you try to do some kind of work or action with your hands.

Idiopathic tremor can be both mild (barely perceptible) and so severe that you are unable to perform everyday tasks. One simple way to tell if you are experiencing idiopathic tremor is to drink some hard liquor. If the tremor disappears after you drink hard liquor, it is clear that this is the diagnosis.

Why does your Shaky Hands? These Situations Should be Noted

The cause of idiopathic tremor is unknown; it is genetically related and also related to the way the cerebellum (the part of the brain that controls motor skills) receives and sends messages, but the details are still vague.

2. Parkinson’s disease

The hand tremor associated with Parkinson’s disease is called resting tremor because it occurs when the hands are idle.

Unlike idiopathic tremor, the hand tremor associated with Parkinson’s disease has a certain rhythm. For many people with Parkinson’s disease, their tremor begins with a pill-rubbing-like movement between the thumb and index finger.

3. Stress

Most people have a mild, largely invisible tremor that is caused by their heartbeat, blood flow and other processes within the body, which is known as physiological tremor. In some cases, such as high levels of stress or anxiety, this tremor can become more pronounced.

If your hands or voice have started to tremble before public speaking, or if your legs shake when you see the edge of a tall building, this is the physiological tremor.

Why does your Shaky Hands? These Situations Should be Noted

Depending on the specific situation, stress-induced hand tremors can be annoying or embarrassing; but unless the hands are shaking all the time and negatively impacting your life, there is no need to treat them.

4. Drinking too many caffeinated beverages

Just as stress can enhance your normally imperceptible physical tremors, caffeine has the same side effects. If you notice tremors in your hands after drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages, you need to reduce your intake of it. Caffeine and stress can make idiopathic tremors more pronounced.

5. Some medications

Some medications for asthma such as bronchodilators can cause hand tremors. Amphetamines, some statins, and selective 5-hydroxytryptamine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can also cause hand tremors.

If the hand tremor is caused by taking these drugs, other alternative medications can be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

6. Fatigue

Muscle fatigue caused by lack of sleep and overexertion from exercise can also cause hand tremors. Likewise, fatigue can make idiopathic tremor more pronounced.

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