LeukemiaWhy Do You Get Leukemia? 4 Early Symptoms of Leukemia

Why Do You Get Leukemia? 4 Early Symptoms of Leukemia

There are several common types of cancer that most people are already afraid of, and one particular cancer that is a nightmare for children is Leukemia, also called Blood Cancer. Leukemia has become more and more common, especially in children, so in order to help children from suffering, the research on leukemia has become more and more thorough.

What are The Symptoms of Leukemia?

1. Anemia

Leukemia is a Blood Disease, many people in the early stages of leukemia will appear to varying degrees of anemia, specifically in the patient’s pale face, sometimes palpitations and shortness of breath, and in severe cases, anemia will also lead to edema of the lower limbs, which often occurs in older men, because the blood is not replenished, the symptoms of anemia will continue to worsen.

2. Fever

Fever is also an early manifestation of leukemia, but fever is the most common. Many patients who have fever of varying degrees think that it may be caused by a cold or infection and tend to ignore the leukemia factor.

In fact, this fever symptom is indeed caused by infection, but it is mainly due to abnormalities in the blood, which many people are unable to properly identify, so it eventually tends to lead to the rapid development of leukemia.

3. Abnormally Elevated White Blood Cells

Patients who develop leukemia often have abnormally high white blood cells for unknown reasons, especially there will be an increase in immature white blood cells, so this as a major feature of leukemia can be found when doing routine examinations.

4. Bleeding

Another typical symptom of leukemia patients is bleeding. This bleeding is not the usual minor local bleeding, but a symptom of bleeding in various parts of the body due to abnormal hematopoietic stem cells. Usually this symptom tends to recur and occurs more frequently.

Why Do You Get Leukemia? 4 Early Symptoms of Leukemia

What are the Causes of Leukemia Attacks?

1. Environmental Causes

Environmental pollution is one of the main causes of leukemia attacks, at present, due to the continuous development of the environment has been seriously polluted, especially in their own newly renovated homes, must be kept breathable, formaldehyde exceeds the standard most likely to cause the appearance of leukemia.

If you are working in a harsh environment, you also need to pay attention to your own inhalation of harmful gases, wear a mask or reduce the inhalation of harmful substances as much as possible.

2. Heredity

Leukemia can also be caused by genetic factors, it has a certain degree of heredity, so leukemia patients can also be judged according to their family history of the disease, which can help to start treatment at an early stage.

3. Infection

Viral infections also cause leukemia, and leukemia caused by viral infection of lymphocytes is called lymphocytic leukemia, and the main symptoms of this leukemia are mainly infection and systemic symptoms.

4. Radioactive Substances

It is well known that radioactive substances, which can easily cause unknown effects on the body, especially when exposed to radioactive substances for a long time, may lead to degeneration and abnormalities of body cells. In the process of triggering leukemia, the main thing is that the bone marrow is suppressed, causing the body’s immunity to decline and lead to leukemia.

Leukemia is not an incurable disease, the current level of medicine has been significantly improved, for the treatment of leukemia can have significant results, but still need to actively cooperate with the patient, early detection as a prerequisite, so as to achieve the best control of the disease.

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