LeukemiaWhy are There More & More Children With Leukemia & Can It...

Why are There More & More Children With Leukemia & Can It Be Prevented?

In many movies and TV dramas, including some real life, the mention of Leukemia is believed to be very scary inside, which is a very serious disease, so why more and more Children with Leukemia?

This is very closely related to our bad habits, so to prevent the occurrence of Leukemia, should also be done from a number of aspects.

From the cause of Leukemia, there are congenital factors and acquired factors, acquired factors include our daily living environment, and diet structure, habits, and exposure to some harmful substances, these factors may lead to Leukemia.

How to Effectively Prevent Leukemia

The first method is to pay attention not to give children to drink too much carbonated beverages, now many children do not like to drink plain water and like to drink carbonated beverages, not knowing that some of the ingredients in carbonated beverages are not good for the human blood, so that the amount of children to control the intake of beverages to prevent leukemia.

The second method is to eat regularly, usually give children more fresh vegetables and fruits, and fried more greasy food, and pickled food, barbecue and so on as little as possible to let children eat. However, when eating fruits or vegetables, must also be thoroughly cleaned, careful of pesticide residues.

The third method is to strengthen physical exercise, usually let the child more physical exercise, improve the body’s immunity, enhance physical fitness, especially for the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments to enhance the exercise.

The fourth method is to reduce exposure to chemicals, many chemicals, especially formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals are the culprit of leukemia, home in the renovation of the house must pay attention to more drying time to ensure safety before living in.

The environment of our daily life is getting worse and worse, the diet structure is not reasonable, these aspects help to increase the incidence of leukemia, and in daily life also need to do a good job on the prevention of leukemia, starting from the diet habits exercise, away from some harmful substances, pay attention to strengthen the child’s body break chaos, etc., indeed reduce the occurrence of leukemia.

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