HealthWhich Yogurt is Good for Weight Loss

Which Yogurt is Good for Weight Loss

Which Yogurt is good for weight loss? Every female friend wants to have a slim body shape, this is due to the fact that this not only looks good and wears clothes in a hundred different ways, but also makes sense for health. But according to relevant statistics, people with normal weight are far less likely to suffer from cancer and other diseases than those who are overweight.

Therefore, timely weight loss is conducive to improving the quality of life, and proper drinking of yogurt can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and help consume calories in favor of weight loss. See the following introduction together.

What kind of Yogurt is good for weight loss

Usually, the general Yogurt is fine. The yogurt is rich in active lactic acid bacteria and short-chain fatty acids, which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, so it is very helpful in treating constipation, which can then effectively reduce weight. At the same time, yogurt is rich in a variety of beneficial bacteria, its nutritional value is also very high, but low calorie, calcium is rich, not only can protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, but also can lose weight, especially low-fat yogurt, slimming effect will be better.

Which Yogurt is Good for Weight Loss

Drinking Yogurt to lose weight is the best effect? But there are many things to pay attention to, such as drinking time, it is recommended that you drink yogurt after meals to lose weight, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients, as a rule, the best effect of drinking yogurt between 30 minutes and 2 hours after meals.

Generally speaking, the PH value of human gastric juice is between 1-3; when fasting, the gastric juice is acidic and the PH value is below 2, which is not suitable for the growth of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. Only when the pH value of the stomach is relatively high can the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt be allowed to grow fully, which is beneficial to health. About two hours after a meal, one’s gastric juices are diluted and the PH value rises to 3-5, therefore, drinking yogurt at this time is most beneficial for absorbing the nutrients in it.

You can also choose to drink it in the evening, which has the best effect on calcium. According to relevant studies, 12:00 p.m. to midnight is the time when the human body has the lowest blood calcium content, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food.

And there are fewer factors affecting calcium absorption in the human body during this time period.

In summary, most yogurts on the market can play a certain weight loss effect, but plain yogurt has the best weight loss effect. It should be noted that yogurt should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because if you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract to empty, and the nutrition in the yogurt is not thoroughly digested and absorbed before it is discharged; drinking it after meals can reduce the stimulation and let the yogurt be slowly absorbed in the stomach.

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