Weight LossWhat To Do With Hips Dips? Teach Firm Up Your Hips

What To Do With Hips Dips? Teach Firm Up Your Hips

What should I do if my hips dips? What should I do if I have too much fat under my hips? Many people are afraid to wear tight pants because of lower body obesity, so what causes hips dips?

How to change the sagging hips? I’m going to introduce the causes of sagging hips and how to deal with them.

Bad Habits Lead To Hips Dips

Modern people’s diet is high in calories, high in sweetness and heavy in taste, which is the main reason for obesity, and then coupled with the bad habits of staying up late, smoking and drinking, don’t think that it has nothing to do with your buttocks at all, if you are still a non-athletic, the situation is even worse, the thick fat will certainly find your buttocks, and it is only natural that the buttocks sag.

Bad Habits Lead To Hips Dips

Incorrect Sitting Posture Leads To Hips Dips

Many people are very inattentive when sitting, completely paralyzed in the chair or sofa, so that the body is comfortable, but such a sitting hip is completely relaxed, the muscle is in a relaxed state, in the long run the hip also sagging.

In addition, there is also like sitting with legs crossed, which hinders the blood circulation of the hips, not only causing the hips to sag, the body is also extremely bad.

The Standing Posture Of Inward Eight Leads To Hips Dips

Although the inward eight standing posture can make women look playful and lovely, but this standing posture may lead to hip muscle relaxation, and in the long run the hips will sag, and it is difficult to recover again.

Wearing One Kind Of Pants For A Long Time Leads To Hips Dips

We all know that low-waisted pants can show the beautiful curve of the buttocks and are loved by young women, but you may not know that low-waisted pants are one of the culprits that cause the buttocks to sag, because low-waisted pants can also hinder the blood circulation in the buttocks, causing the buttocks to collapse.

The same goes for thongs, which can play a role in buttocks, but thongs can’t hold the fatty buttocks for a long time, which can also cause the buttocks to sag, so don’t wear a kind of pants for a long time.

How To Lose Fat Under The Buttocks?

How To Lose Fat Under The Buttocks?

Buttocks Massage

Practice: The body stands, legs apart and shoulder width, then put both hands on the buttocks from the top to the bottom to push the buttocks and then from the bottom to the top.

Tips: Pushing from top to bottom in this way can help activate the local cells of the buttocks, enhance the elasticity of the buttocks muscles and improve the problem of sagging buttocks. And pushing from the bottom to the top can help beautify the line of the buttocks.

Hip Rotation Exercise

Practice: Lie flat on your back, bend your knees with your feet together and point your toes to the ground, put your arms flat on both sides of your body and press your knees down to the left and then down to the right, alternating between left and right.

Tips: When doing this movement you should first ensure that your toes are fixed and your knees are pressed down until you can’t move. Be careful not to overexert yourself to avoid injury to the knee joint.

Knee Hugging Exercise

Practice: Lie flat on your back, bend your left knee, hold it with both hands near your abdomen, hold it for 10 seconds and then switch to your right leg. alternate between the legs 2 times and then hold both knees with both hands near your abdomen, hold it for 10 seconds.

Tips: Knee hugging exercise is relatively simple and can stimulate the abdomen, hips and buttocks, beautifying the buttocks while also being able to contract the abdomen.

Cat-style Leg Lifts

Practice: Lie on the bed with arms to support the upper body, the lower half of the body kneeling on the bed, hook the feet, adjust breathing, inhalation will be the left leg stretched back and raised, exhale when retracted, do 10 times back and forth, and then change the right leg.

Tips: This action can help tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks, help improve the sagging of the buttocks and beautify the hip line. Doing this action also pay attention to the calf to lift, not to sag down, the effect will be significant. When you first start doing it, your hips can be pushed back slightly to reduce the strength of your hands.

Lift Your Buttocks & Buttocks Exercise

Practice: Lie on your back, cross your arms, put them under your chin and open your feet; take a deep breath, push your hips, waist and abdomen, lift your feet upwards and hold them still for 10 seconds; then slowly exhale and put your feet down at the same time. Repeat the action 10 times.

Tips: Feet up should be raised when the feet together, knees straight, while should be upward force. If the body is more flexible, you can try to lift the feet up to the stomach, so the effect of lifting the buttocks will be better.

Standing Leg Lift

Practice: Stand against the wall, arms straight to the sides of the body, the back of the hand against the wall; deep breath tense knee lift the left leg, exhale to slowly put the foot down and repeat 10 times, and then change the right side and then do 10 times.

Tips: Practice this action to lift the buttocks, shape the hip curve at the same time help beautify the body. Note that when practicing you should put the weight of your body on the wall, and your feet and foot plates should be tensed with force to get a good effect.

Firming & Lifting Buttocks Exercise

Practice: Put a backrest chair on the left side. Left hand grab the back of the chair, the right leg forcefully swing forward, back and right, swing 10 times in each direction.

Then the chair on the right hand side, the right hand to grab the back of the chair, the same so that the left leg forward, back, left swing. Swing 10 times in each direction.

Note: When doing this action, swing as large an angle as possible to swing, so as to make the buttocks get a greater exercise.

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