HypertensionWhat to do about High Blood Pressure? Hypertension Patients should do these...

What to do about High Blood Pressure? Hypertension Patients should do these 3 things

Nowadays, there are many people suffering from hypertension, especially the middle-aged and elderly. Although hypertension itself is less harmful, it can lead to various complications if it is not regulated in time, which can threaten health. So, what about hypertension? What are the dietary contraindications of hypertension? Take a look at it.

How to do Hypertension

The disease of hypertension refers to the excessive pressure of human blood on the walls of the blood vessels, blood pressure is low is not good, high is also not good, if suffering from hypertension need to be timely regulation, in daily life to pay more attention to some matters. So, what about high blood pressure?

First: The need for a reasonable diet

1. First need to control the intake of calories, advocate eating compound sugar, such as starch, corn, etc., less glucose, fructose, sucrose, because these monosaccharides are easy to lead to an increase in blood lipids, which is not good for hypertension.

2. Control the intake of fat, a large amount of fat may cause a large number of deposits in the blood vessel wall, leading to the aggravation of hypertension, cooking with vegetable oil, do not eat animal oil, you can eat more sea fish.

3. The daily intake of protein should be appropriate, usually protein intake is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day, which can also effectively reduce blood pressure.

4. Also need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day, and the daily intake of fresh vegetables can not be less than eight taels, the intake of fruit can not be less than 2-4 taels or so.

5. Eat more potassium, calcium-rich and low sodium food, such as potatoes, eggplant, kelp, lettuce and milk, sour milk, shrimp. Eat less broth, because broth contains nitrogen leachate increase, can promote the body uric acid increase, increase the burden on the heart, liver and kidneys;

6. Control the intake of sodium salt, do not eat too much salt, the daily salt intake should be less than 6 grams.

7. Appropriate to eat more seafood, such as kelp, seaweed and sea fish.

Second: The right amount of exercise

Research shows that more exercise can effectively reduce blood pressure, you can do more aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. It should be noted that when hungry and just eaten do not exercise, exercise need to slowly stop, not suddenly stop, that will have a negative impact on blood pressure, if the movement of discomfort symptoms occur, you need to immediately stop, serious medicine immediately seek medical attention.

What to do about High Blood Pressure? Hypertension Patients should do these 3 things

Third: Maintain a calm state of mind

Patients can improve their behavior, adapt to the social and natural environment, and maintain a calm state of mind, not happy, not angry, not sad, not hurt, so that blood pressure will not rise.

High blood pressure diet taboos

1. Quit smoking and less alcohol

Patients with hypertension should stay away from the two types of items, because too much intake of these two types of items can cause myocardial infarction and stroke in patients with hypertension and other diseases.

2. Eat less eggs

Eggs contain high cholesterol, which is not suitable for hypertension patients, of which the egg yolk contains 2,000 times more cholesterol than the egg white, so even if you eat eggs, try to eat less egg yolk.

What to do about High Blood Pressure? Hypertension Patients should do these 3 things

3. Limit the intake of animal fat

Animal oil contains high amounts of cholesterol, which can lead to accelerated atherosclerosis. Therefore, hypertensive patients in the daily diet, more vegetable oils, try to avoid the use of animal oils. And try to reduce the consumption of animal liver, brain, heart and other parts.

4. Moderate diet

Three meals a day at regular intervals, do not overeat, eat to eight minutes full is appropriate. Patients with hypertension should eat foods that can lower blood pressure in moderation in their diet, such as: black fungus, water chestnuts, celery, gourd, green beans, watermelon rind, lotus seed heart, etc.

5. Eat less sweet food

For patients with hypertension, it is important to control the energy intake in daily life. And high sugar content, high energy sweets are not suitable for hypertension patients. Because sugar can be converted into fat in the body, easily lead to high blood fat, and promote atherosclerosis.

6. Limit the intake of salt

Patients with hypertension should control their daily intake of sodium salt to less than 6g, which is not only the amount of salt used in daily cooking, but also the amount of sodium contained in other things. Excessive salt intake can raise blood pressure, aggravate the condition, and possibly lead to hardening of the blood vessels.

Patients with hypertension should avoid salty foods in their daily life and eat a light diet. Properly reducing sodium intake can help lower blood pressure and reduce sodium and water retention in the body.

Conclusion: After reading the above article, I believe that you have a detailed understanding of how to do this problem of hypertension, hypertension in addition to taking antihypertensive drugs, in daily life also need to actively regulate, the paper introduced these dietary, conditioning methods patients can try.

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