RingwormWhat Should I Do If I Have Ringworm On My Hands? Pay...

What Should I Do If I Have Ringworm On My Hands? Pay Attention To Daily Life

Ringworm is a highly contagious disease, so many people find that Ringworm is contagious to other parts of the body or even to others when they are not aware of it.

What Are The Precautions For Daily Life After Tinea Capitis?

1. Personal Hygiene Should Be Taken Care Of In General

Do not use public slippers, footbaths, wiping cloths, etc., and keep the feet clean and dry by keeping shoes and socks and foot cloths regularly.

2. Reduce Stimulation

Sweaty hands and feet and injuries are often one of the most common triggers for tinea pedis or tinea cruris. It is usually important to reduce the adverse stimulation of chemical, physical and biological substances to the skin of the hands and feet, and if the patient drinks less stimulating beverages, such as strong tea, coffee and alcohol, because these beverages provoke the secretion and discharge of sweat glands and provide a favorable environment for the susceptibility of epidermal mycobacteria.

Reduce Stimulation

3. Keep The Diseased Area Dry

After washing feet or bathing at night, wipe dry the water between the toes, puff on the disinfectant spreading powder (menthol 0.1 g, muscimol iodide 2 g, zinc stearate 4 g, magnesium carbonate 2 g, boric acid 15 g, talc added to 100 g), the purpose is to try to keep the toes dry to prevent reinfection of epidermidium.

4. Regular Sterilization Of Shoes & Socks

The public places such as bathrooms and swimming pools are the main places where tinea pedis is transmitted and the disinfection management system should be strictly enforced.

4. Regular Sterilization Of Shoes & Socks

5. Do Not Use Other People’s Personal Belongings

Be clean and do not have inappropriate sexual relations with others. Do not use other people’s underwear, underpants and toiletries.

Change and wash underwear frequently, and keep the vulva clean, and wash and dry clothes and blankets frequently.

Reduce sweating and promote evaporation from the root of the femur. Try to keep the perineum dry and wear loose fitting underwear that is not too tight.

If you have grey nails, goose palm wind or ringworm, you should actively treat them to prevent them from being infected by hand in the pubic area.

If you have ringworm, you should go to a regular hospital to have it checked and treated without delay.

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