LeukemiaWhat Kind of Children are Prone to Leukemia

What Kind of Children are Prone to Leukemia

Leukemia is a very dangerous disease, not only adults may have the disease, but also Children are Prone to Leukemia.

So usually pay attention to the work of prevention, to check the causes of the onset, so what kind of children are prone to leukemia?

Long-term Drinking Carbonated Beverages for Children

Many children like to drink carbonated beverages, but do not know that this is also one of the reasons for the occurrence of leukemia. Because many carbonated beverages contain a chemical sweetener, if the intake of sweetener is not much, it can be excreted with urine.

Long-term Drinking Carbonated Beverages for Children

However, if a large amount of sweetener is ingested, it will be difficult to degrade and will enter the bone marrow through the kidneys with water, blocking the bone marrow network and affecting the normal blood production function of the bone marrow, and you will get leukemia. urine.


The onset of leukemia is related to heredity, if the child’s relatives have leukemia patients, compared to the normal population, the child has a greater likelihood of developing leukemia, so it is important to pay attention to good medical examinations every year.

Drug Abuse

People who abuse drugs frequently are more likely to develop leukemia than normal people. Especially some immunosuppressants, cytotoxic anti’s drugs, if taken for a long time, can easily induce the occurrence of leukemia.

So usually when there is discomfort, under the guidance of a doctor, take the right medication.

Receive a Lot of Radiation

Receive a Lot of Radiation

When a woman is pregnant, if her abdomen is exposed to radiation for a long time, the risk of giving birth to a child with leukemia is significantly higher.

So it is important to avoid receiving radiation for a long time when you are pregnant.

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