LeukemiaWhat is The Real Cause of Acute Leukemia?

What is The Real Cause of Acute Leukemia?

Leukemia is a very common malignant Disease, Leukemia is generally divided into two kinds of acute Leukemia and chronic Leukemia, Acute Leukemia seriously harmed people’s health.

The real cause of acute Leukemia is to understand the causes of acute Leukemia and to take effective treatment measures in order to stay away from the damage of the disease.

The Real Cause of Acute Leukemia is?

  • The occurrence of acute leukemia is associated with some chemical substances. Experts point out that some chemical substances, not only can damage human health, if long-term exposure, will also cause some malignant diseases, acute leukemia is one of them. This is mainly due to the fact that chemical substances have a certain impact on the human body causing the system, the more common substances are: benzene.
The Real Cause of Acute Leukemia is?
  • The generation of viral factors will allow the invasion of many diseases people’s body, damage to people’s health, acute leukemia is also one of them. Experts pointed out that the virus damage to the human body, some viruses on the human blood health caused a certain impact, if not pay attention to the long-term aggression, not only will damage the health of the blood, and in serious cases will lead to the occurrence of disease. However, is not contagious.
  • Genetic factors are also a factor affecting the occurrence of acute leukemia. Studies have found that there are certain genetic reasons for the occurrence of the disease. This is mainly affected by the body’s genetic genes and chromosomes and other tissues or substances have a certain relationship. I hope to draw people’s attention to it.
  • In daily life, people will inevitably receive some radioactive substances, such as ionization, X-rays, etc. Regular exposure to these substances can lead to the occurrence of acute leukemia, which can damage health, and, in addition, increase the risk of acute leukemia. This is mainly related to the size of the amount of radiation and the location of exposure. If you receive a large amount of radiation at one time or for a longer period of time, it can lead to the development of the disease.

What Tests are Needed To Confirm A Diagnosis of Leukemia?

The Leukemia diagnosis requires a series of more complex examination process, some hospitals are irresponsible to give patients a random check, which seriously delayed the treatment of patients, greatly affecting the therapeutic effect, confirming the diagnosis of leukemia to do what examination?

What Tests are Needed To Confirm A Diagnosis of Leukemia?
  1. Routine blood test: check whether the number of blood cells is normal and whether there are leukemia cells.
  2. Bone marrow examination: Bone marrow fluid is taken from the bone marrow cavity at the pelvic bone or sternum for laboratory testing. If a large number of leukemia cells are found in the bone marrow, it will be confirmed that the child has leukemia.
  3. Cerebrospinal fluid examination: to detect whether leukemia cells have spread to the central nervous system.
  4. X-ray: Chest X-ray to check whether leukemia cells have invaded mediastinal lymph nodes and lungs.
  5. Biochemical examination: test blood electrolytes, uric acid, kidney function and liver function.

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