ExerciseWhat changes will Happen to the Body after a year of Consistent...

What changes will Happen to the Body after a year of Consistent Exercise?

Exercise, is a good doctor of the body, if you suddenly feel the body is tired, the spirit of tired, then it is likely to be caused by a lack of exercise, at this time, you may wish to get out of the house, to participate in physical exercise. However, if you do not adhere to the movement, is unable to bring much improvement to the body, only gradually, efforts to adhere to the movement will bring returns to the body. So, after 1 year of persistent exercise, what changes will happen to the body?

What changes will happen to the body after a year of persistent exercise?

The first exercise – the mind becomes clearer

The first exercise is generally not suitable for intense projects (such as basketball, swimming, etc.), it is best to first choose jogging, brisk walking, table tennis, badminton and other sports that do not require much physical effort. After 30 minutes of exercise, I believe that the feeling of sweating profusely will make you feel tired and happy, and the accelerated heart rate will make more blood and oxygen supply to the brain. The next day when you wake up, although you will have back pain, but this feeling will usually disappear within 3 days, and you can also clearly feel that the mind has become more flexible.

What changes will Happen to the Body after a year of Consistent Exercise?

Exercise for 2 months – physical fitness has become stronger

After 2 months of persistent exercise, you are likely to find that the formerly frail person, physical quality slowly become better, endurance has also increased a lot: no longer panting to walk up the stairs, change the bucket of water easily, even if 2 minutes left before punching the clock at work, you can step to work at the speed of 100 meters sprint ……

Exercise for 8 months – muscles are formed

After 8 months of exercise, the human body shape will slowly undergo more obvious changes, men will find that the muscles become stronger, out of the street times have face, women will find that the small abdominal thinning down, middle school clothes can be worn without pressure.

Exercise 1 year – bones become stronger

Bone density refers to the density of mineral content in the bones, is a measure of bone strength, the higher a person’s bone density, the stronger the bones, the lower the risk of fracture or osteoporosis. A study published in the international academic journal PNAS found that after exercise, the human muscle produces a molecule that increases bone density, so if the human body participates in exercise for 1 year, then the risk of getting osteoporosis and fractures will be greatly reduced.

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