LeukemiaWhat are The Early Signs & Symptoms of Adult Leukemia?

What are The Early Signs & Symptoms of Adult Leukemia?

Diseases can always pose a great threat to people’s health and even to their lives. Leukemia is one of the many diseases that can affect not only children, but also adults. What are the early symptoms of leukemia in adults?

Patients with leukemia usually do not show any particular symptoms in the early stages and need to be diagnosed through routine blood tests and bone marrow aspiration.

When adults develop leukemia, they can be divided into two types, acute leukemia and chronic leukemia, depending on the rate of progression of the disease.

Regardless of which type of leukemia occurs, early detection and early treatment are needed to keep the progression of the disease under control.

What is The Early Manifestation of Leukemia in Adults?

What is The Early Manifestation of Leukemia in Adults?

1. Anemia is the first symptom of leukemia, no matter which type of population suffers from leukemia will have anemia symptoms.

Patients will appear pale, dizzy and weak, and even some patients have the performance of blurred eyes and tinnitus.

2. Early leukemia will also have fever symptoms, under normal circumstances there are two kinds of fever, one is caused by the leukemia itself, this situation will not exceed thirty-eight degrees, the use of antibiotic treatment has no effect.

The other is caused by the low immunity of the body, resulting in infection, often the temperature will be more than 39 degrees, the more common infections are stomatitis, pneumonia and so on.

3. Bleeding symptoms, most patients will have skin mucous membrane bleeding spots or petechiae, sometimes there will be gum bleeding, nosebleed phenomenon. In severe cases, blood vomiting and blood in urine may occur.

What is The Early Manifestation of Leukemia in Adults?

4. Bone and joint pains mostly occur in patients with acute leukemia and are more commonly associated with pressure pain at the lower end of the sternum. If there is bone marrow necrosis, it will cause severe bone pain.

Although the early symptoms of leukemia in adults are not particularly obvious, but as long as careful observation can still find the difference.

If an adult has frequent bleeding in one part of their life, it is important to pay attention to it and go to the hospital to check if they have leukemia. If diagnosed, early treatment can increase the chances of recovery.

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