HypertensionThin people with Hypertension is more Dangerous!

Thin people with Hypertension is more Dangerous!

In our impression, most people with hypertension are fat, and many even believe that hypertension is the “patent” of Fat people. This is very wrong! Hypertension does not distinguish between fat and thin, although weight and blood pressure have a high correlation, but not the only factor, there are many other causes can also cause hypertension.

Dangerous: Thin people Hypertension

1. Genetic factors

According to statistics, if both parents are hypertensive, the chances of their children suffering from hypertension can be as high as 45%.

2. High salt diet

Excessive salt intake, increased sodium ions in the blood, increased plasma osmotic pressure, in order to regulate the osmotic pressure balance, the water intake in the blood vessels also increased accordingly, more water in the blood vessels, blood pressure, of course, also increased accordingly.

3. Long-term alcohol consumption

Drinking can cause luminal narrowing, or even occlusion, causing the formation of intravascular plaque, resulting in increased blood viscosity, low-density ester protein elevated vascular sclerosis easily, resulting in a gradual increase in blood pressure.

Thin people with Hypertension

4. Drug effects

Such as the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, may cause blood pressure, long-term application of a large number of prostate synthesis will lead to inhibition, the body’s blood pressure balance will be out of balance, causing blood pressure to rise; in addition, oral contraceptives, if long-term high doses of use, can raise serum triglycerides and phospholipids cause water and sodium retention, prompting increased peripheral resistance, blood pressure rise.

Thin people with Hypertension

Therefore, Thin people can also suffer from hypertension, and epidemiological surveys have found that thin people suffering from hypertension, the development of the disease is usually more serious than fat people suffering from hypertension. In the same case of hypertension, thin people are more likely to have cardiovascular disease than fat people. The reason for this may be the following 3 factors.

  • Thin people are relatively thin peripheral blood vessels, vascular resistance is greater than fat people, and therefore more likely to myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • In temperament, psychological quality, thin people tend to tend to be impatient and excited in the process of stress response. Whenever emotional and angry, blood pressure will also be on the high side of a new high, aggravating the chances of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular injuries under stress.
  • Hypertensive patients, the average age of the emergence of hypertension in thin people than fat people, and thus other age-related complications, such as vascular sclerosis, compensatory cardiac hypertrophy, etc., relatively also more obvious, the combined risk is higher.

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