ElderlyThe Elderly are Prone to Fractures when they Fall? What Causes Osteoporosis

The Elderly are Prone to Fractures when they Fall? What Causes Osteoporosis

Usually young people fall down accidentally, usually patting the buttocks to get up, a minor fall we have not been worried about. Once the elderly, it is different, the family has the elderly, but the most afraid of the elderly fall, the elderly a fall is prone to fractures, mainly due to osteoporosis, a good bone, how to say brittle on brittle it.

Don’t worry, the causes of osteoporosis are many, the following take a look at it!

What are the causes of Osteoporosis?

Dietary habits

In life, there are many dietary habits often lead to osteoporosis, excessive alcohol consumption will inhibit bone cells to form new bone tissue, really means drinking a moment of pleasure, leading to osteoporosis crematorium ah. And carbonated beverages, coffee and salt intake in excess can increase the loss of calcium in the body, more to drink is not beneficial, to avoid osteoporosis, usually or less to drink ah.

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise can also lead to osteoporosis, every day at home, do not like to move, reduce the amount of activity, human movement once reduced, it will lead to neuroendocrine regulation can not provide adequate mineral nutrition to the bones, which leads to a reduction in the content of bone calcium, and naturally prone to osteoporosis.

The Elderly are Prone to Fractures when they Fall? What Causes Osteoporosis

Endocrine factors

Many women have osteoporosis during menopause, and changes in hormone levels in the body are also the cause of osteoporosis. Women with lower estrogen levels in the body can easily lead to lower calcium and active vitamin D at the same time, resulting in a series of metabolic changes, causing an imbalance in bone metabolism, leading to osteoporosis.

Other factors

For the middle-aged and elderly population, in addition to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, they also need to pay attention to the prevention of osteoporosis, which is very common in the middle-aged and elderly.

The formation of bone mass begins to decrease as we age, and the bone degenerates. The body’s functions slowly begin to decline, and the lack of body nutrition is also a major factor. Many people are prone to osteoporosis because osteoporosis is a loss of calcium components and insufficient supply of phosphorus, trace elements, vitamins and proteins.

Although osteoporosis is more common among middle-aged and elderly people, it still occurs among young people. To prevent osteoporosis, you have to start early.

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