DiabetesStay Away from Diabetes! Eat More Peanuts to Help The Islets?

Stay Away from Diabetes! Eat More Peanuts to Help The Islets?

Diabetes, as a chronic disease that is currently incurable, requires long-term persistence. In the treatment process, in addition to taking medication strictly on time and having regular checkups, the diet is also very important and needs to be given sufficient attention.

If you do not avoid eating during the control of blood glucose, often eat some food that can easily lead to the rise of sugar is easy to let the blood sugar is not stable.

Eating more Peanuts can help the Pancreas?

Eating peanuts is good for the pancreas. Peanuts are also called “long-life fruit” and have many health benefits when eaten regularly. Some of the substances contained in peanuts have a certain regulatory effect on blood sugar.

Stay Away from Diabetes! Eat More Peanuts to Help The Islets?

And peanuts are also a nut type of food, which is rich in zinc, for the body of the pancreas is also beneficial, can improve its sensitivity, the control of blood sugar is helpful.

Doctor’s advice: if you want to stay away from diabetes, try to touch less 3 kinds of food

High-salt Foods

Due to work, many people order takeout every day, however, many of the takeout we often eat has the problem of too much salt.

For many people, excess salt entering the body will lock up the body’s water and cause blood sugar to rise. If you already have diabetes, a high-salt diet can also lead to a host of complications.

So it is important to eat a light diet with less salt in general.

Foods High in Sugar

Dessert is a very popular food, but this type of food should not be consumed too much, because these sugars will be in the body will be converted into fat, so that the body obese.

Stay away from diabetes! Eat more peanuts to help the islets?

Once overweight, it will make the body’s metabolism, endocrine system disorders, the chances of suffering from diabetes will be very high.

Especially for people with high blood sugar levels, once the excessive intake of high-sugar foods, the risk of diabetes will be very high.

Spicy Foods

Hot pot and spicy hotpot are very popular foods, but these foods are very spicy and if too much is consumed, blood vessels may be stimulated and blood health problems may occur.

Stay away from diabetes! Eat more peanuts to help the islets?

So if you want to prevent diabetes, you must pay attention to a light diet and consume less spicy food.

When your body shows these signs, you should prevent diabetes and get medical attention in time

Difficulty in urination: Most diabetic patients, especially men, will have difficulty in urination.

Poor vision: Foreign studies have found that when the body has high blood sugar for a long time, the microvasculature supplying the eye will have certain abnormalities, which will affect the body’s vision.

Stay away from diabetes! Eat more peanuts to help the islets?

Paralysis and trembling of the hands and feet: Diabetic patients may experience early symptoms of paralysis and trembling of the hands and feet, severe neuropathic foot pain, calf cramps at night, and autonomic disorders.

Appetite significantly increased: a typical symptom of diabetic patients is that their appetite will significantly increase, but no matter how little they eat, they will obviously feel hungry again before they can eat their next meal.

Good health is everyone’s hope, and many chronic diseases are due to bad habits. Therefore, you can start with your diet, develop the right eating habits, and consciously reduce the intake of the above three kinds of food, not only for diabetes, but also for other diseases are prevented.

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