HealthSee Through the Laws of The World, Health & wealth Will Come!

See Through the Laws of The World, Health & wealth Will Come!

Why is modern technology becoming more and more advanced, and we are increasingly suffering from a variety of difficult diseases?

In theory, the medical conditions are getting better and better, what quantum therapy, artificial intelligence, MRI and so on, the disease should be better and better to deal with, but why now more and more patients? Why are there more and more complicated diseases?

Many people have money and fame, and they can take the most expensive drugs in the world, hire the best doctors in the world, and live in the most expensive hospital beds in the world, but why can’t they cure their diseases?

What is the deep-seated reason behind this?

In fact, the disease is no longer simply a problem with the functioning of our body, but a problem with our mind!

Cultivating the mind and curing the disease should complement each other, and one cannot be without the other. If a person does not know how to cultivate his mind, even if he takes the elixir, he will not be able to prolong his life. Qin Shi Huang was powerful enough, right? He could not find the elixir even after mobilizing the power of the whole country.

The restlessness of the mind, the dryness of the emotions, the desire to be entangled in the body, the long hatred is the root cause of modern people’s illness.

The first major taboo of the heart is a: Chaos

The heart is chaotic, everything will be out of order.

People’s health can not be separated from the sufficient blood, the heart is calm and gas, gas and blood is smooth, blood is smooth and sufficient essence. People live on a “essence”, when the human resistance and immunity is very tenacious.

This is not called materialism, this is called morale, just like when two armies are fighting, morale must win!

See Through the Laws of The World, Health & wealth Will Come!

In fact, whether it is fighting a war or doing sales, or starting a business, etc., people must have a high state of mind in order to overcome difficulties.

Therefore, the treatment should be based on regulating the heart. Some people are too weak inside, such as suddenly knowing that they have a serious illness or cancer, and instantly their heart collapses, which is a problem.

When one is sick, one must not have resentment, complain about God’s injustice, or complain about a difficult fate.

Why are those who have penetrated the Way healthier? Because they are well versed in the logic of everything in the world, understand that suffering is part of life, understand that ups and downs are the norm of life, so when they face setbacks they do not complain, but face them openly.

Everything has a law, everything has to go through four processes: birth, growth, harvest and storage. Spring planting, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter storage, each stage has its own characteristics.

At the stage of the latent dragon, you should bury your head in the sand; when it’s time for you to nurture your strength, and don’t rush to make a name for yourself; if you experience sudden suffering, it means that there is a greater harvest ahead. If people get to this kind of awareness, to this state, it is difficult to do not calm inside.

The second taboo of the heart is: Greed

Be a person, do not covet those things they do not deserve.

A word greed makes the heart and mind confused, so that people are confused, the behavior of the chaos caused outside the body is still a small matter, let their own body’s operation is also chaotic, this is a big deal!

As long as people are greedy, will inevitably overspend their bodies to demand more things, behind the insatiable greed is overspending, a short time the body’s problems will not appear, but as long as the time to appear, often is the accumulation of heavy hard to return!

The third taboo of the heart is: Hate

The third taboo of the heart is: hate. First there is the hate that cannot be solved, then there is the disease that cannot be cured.

See Through the Laws of The World, Health & wealth Will Come!

If a person always blame all the problems on the outside world, it means they never reflect on their own problems and do not see the inadequacies within.

Hate others, hate the environment, hate God’s injustice, hate the wrong time to be born, this kind of people will definitely show cynicism, their heart is out of balance, the words and behavior must also be out of balance.

Such people tend to be depressed, depressed, depressed, sensitive, long-term development, the physical condition can be imagined.

Forgiveness is the best remedy for a heart that is an inch wide and a ten foot back. The person who has no depression inside can live a transparent life.

If you let go, the sick will be healed and the lost will be realized.

Why is there no cancer in Chinese medicine? They teach us to balance our body so that no extreme evils will occur, while cancer is the result of never adjusting our physical and mental state, which leads to the accumulation of extreme evils.

The current environment has disrupted all the traditional order, and even introduced people to the devil’s path, the so-called devil’s path is counterfeiting / speculation / mutual deception, these introduce people to the world of infinite greed, the earthly quandary Ken’s will be more and more.

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