LifestylesScientists study found : Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

Scientists study found : Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

Meditation, which is a basic practice in Buddhism, was first developed by the evolution of the ancient practice of loose sitting and kneeling.

The traditional Chinese practice of meditation for health can actually be traced back to the time of the Yellow Emperor, 5,000 years ago.

After five years of research, Dr. Harry, a professor at Harvard University and the University of Maryland, said.

“Meditation meditation can be very beneficial in improving hormone levels for vision, blood pressure, and cognitive function, in addition to treating many incurable diseases and chronic conditions such as heart disease and arthritis.”

Bernie Segal, a surgeon at Yale University School of Medicine, also believes that “contemplative meditation is the action that loosens the mind and can cure AIDS and cancer, which are considered terminal diseases.”

Studies by Dutch scientists have shown that people who meditate and contemplate are 50 percent less likely than others to cause disease and 87 percent less likely to contract life-threatening serious illnesses.

In addition, scientists have found that the large number of alpha waves that appear in the brain during meditation can significantly promote the growth of a hormone.

This leads to the enlargement of blood vessels and blood flow, which leads to a significant increase in adenosine triphosphate, a substance indispensable for the metabolism of the body’s tissue cells.

Adenosine triphosphate is significantly increased, which greatly increases the immune function of the body.

According to the World Technology Translation: Robert Schneider, director of the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention at the Maharishi University of Disposal, USA, after years of research, said.

“Transcendental meditation seems to restore the body’s self-healing mechanisms and self-balancing mechanisms, it works on neurohormones and parts of the nervous system

This helps to relieve the symptoms of heart disease and some other diseases…

This technique is a natural and relaxing process that enables you to achieve a comfortable and quiet state of resourcefulness.”

The researchers added: “If you meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, it is an effective way to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and can be used as an adjunct to traditional heart disease treatment.”

Scientists at the University of Illinois observed meditation physiological experiments on 40 students, showing that

Just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation reduced oxygen consumption in the human brain by 17%, and this value was equivalent to the change after 7 hours of deep sleep.

It was also found that the concentration of lactic acid in the blood of the subjects, called “fatigue factor”, also decreased in varying degrees.

Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

1.  Sitting for a long time must have Zen

Hinayana Buddhism says: “If you sit for a long time, you will have meditation.”

Meditation can not only increase the power and health and healing, but also enlightenment and increase wisdom, and suddenly understand the universe and the way of life.

According to a recent report on the New Scientist website.

Scientists at the University of Kentucky found that if you have not slept all night, but just meditate for 40 minutes can make up for the lack of sleep.

The researchers asked 10 subjects who had not slept all night to meditate, read, talk, or sleep.

After 40 minutes, they were given a “mental action alertness test,” and the results of the experiment shocked the researchers.

Although all the subjects had not practiced meditation, they were able to perform excellently immediately after 40 minutes.

Subjects who took a 40-minute nap, on the other hand, needed at least an hour to wake up from their haze.

Those who chatted and read, on the other hand, did not have the slightest help in regaining their energy, which shows that meditation meditation does have incredible help for the brain.

Researchers at an Air Force base laboratory in Ohio, USA, have been engaged in brain research for decades and found that there are several different types of human brain activity.

Both alpha waves of 8 to 13 HZ, beta waves of 14 to 25 HZ, theta waves of 4 to 7 HZ, and delta waves of 1 to 3 HZ.

Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

Beta waves tend to occur when our brain is tense, emotionally charged or hyperactive.

while alpha waves appear in the brain when we are in a waking state of quiet rest.

And when extremely tired or asleep, delta waves appear in the brain.

And adults who are frustrated, depressed and psychiatric patients and children and teenagers, generally theta waves appear in the brain.

Professor Wallace of Harvard University in the United States, in the practitioner to do the brain wave test when the relaxation of quiet found that

When the human body is deficient and quiet, the intensity of alpha waves in the prefrontal and central areas of the head will increase substantially, and the frequency will slow down from more than 20HZ to 8 to 9HZ.

The alpha wave rhythm, which was mainly in the posterior-occipital region of the brain, gradually shifted to the prefrontal region, and its intensity increased by 425% to 525%.

And the electrical activity of nerve cells was highly ordered and shifted at the same time to a degree four to five times higher than that without practice.

In addition, scientists have found that regular meditation meditation increases the thickness of the prefrontal cerebral cortex and the right forebrain cortex, the areas that control a person’s ability to pay attention and perceive.

Many scientists, writers, inventors and other famous people have thick prefrontal cerebral cortex and their brain waves are at alpha wave frequency most of the time.

This indicates that sitting meditation does make the brain agile and prone to inspiration.

The Dhammapada says: “Although the Bodhisattva’s body is far away from all beings, his mind is always unfailing, and he seeks meditation to obtain real wisdom to measure everything.”

In the New Book of Zhaodu, it is said, “The water is still and the image is clear; the mind is still and the wisdom is born.”

2. Transcendental Meditation

The highest technique for the brain to function fully

According to geophysicists, the resonance of the ionosphere with the earth is 8 to 14 Hz.

This frequency is basically similar to the brain waves of the human body when meditating in silence, so meditation in the spiritual realm of forgetfulness will occur in the resonance of human and heaven to prove the true meaning of life and the universe.

Scientists have also proved through experiments that

Through orderly training, the human body can learn to control and regulate its own brain waves.

And when the body and mind are completely relaxed, its memory is almost endless, and found that these people’s memory does not have a clear saturation point.

Josephson, the scientist who discovered the superconducting section and won the Nobel Prize in physics, once said.

“Science has progressed so far that it is difficult to go on without the experience of meditative meditation.”

Many scientists believe that: superconscious meditation is the highest technique for the brain to fully function.

It subtly stimulates the power of the left hemisphere of the brain to influence the right hemisphere, thus maximizing the thinking capacity of the right brain.

In summary, meditation is not only useful for strengthening the body, dispelling illnesses and prolonging life, opening wisdom and increasing intelligence…

It also plays a positive role in exploring the mysteries of gongfu and human life science, and it even has far-reaching significance and effects on the development of science and technology and the unraveling of the mysteries of the natural world.

Modern science has proven that meditation can change brain structure.

According to reports, American scientists found in 2005 that meditation not only relaxes your mind and stabilizes your heart, but also changes the structure of your brain and enhances your wisdom.

People who have practiced meditation meditation say that it energizes them, and some say they only need a short period of sleep.

Although many studies have shown that the form of brain waves in brain activity changes during meditation and that the rate of spontaneous neuronal firing is coordinated.

But does meditation really have the same rejuvenating effect as sleep?

O’Hare and colleagues at the University of Kentucky (USA) have confirmed these questions with the “Psychomotor Alertness Assignment”.

This is an accepted research method for testing the effect of sleep deprivation on a person’s mental acuity.

The researchers asked the subjects to stare at the computer screen, as soon as they saw an image appeared on the button.

Typically, people respond within 200-300 milliseconds, but a sleep-deprived person will take a long time, and sometimes not even realize the image appears.

O’Hare and others let 10 more tired subjects do the above test after 40 minutes of sleeping, meditating, reading or talking, respectively.

To the shock of the researchers, although all the subjects had never practiced meditation meditation. But after 40 minutes of meditation, they immediately had excellent performances.

And after a 40-minute nap, the subjects needed at least an hour to wake up from the haze and make a better performance; reading or talking did not help to restore energy.

O’Hare said that the subjects’ performance on each part of the test improved after 40 minutes of meditation.

The effect of meditation was particularly striking when the subjects did not sleep for a night.

Scientists do not yet know why meditation is energizing, and they are studying people who spend several hours a day meditating in hopes of finding answers.

Dr. LaRoche and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital compared the brain MRIs of 15 volunteers with 1-30 years of meditation experience and 15 volunteers who had not meditated.

They found that meditation meditation really increased the thickness of cortical areas such as the prefrontal cerebral cortex and the right anterior insula, which are the areas that control one’s attention and perception.

Previous studies have shown that some famous musicians, athletes and linguists have thickened these cortical areas.

Both Lajo and O’Hare reported their studies separately at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, in November 2005.

It is worth noting that modern scientists’ studies of brain waves in these three states have revealed much of the same truths that are connected.

Beta waves (14 HZ or more) are the dominant state of beta waves for most of the time when a person is awake.

As the beta wave increases, the body gradually becomes tense, thus reducing the ability of the immune system in the body, which increases energy consumption and makes people easily tired.

Appropriate beta waves have a positive effect on attention enhancement and cognitive behavior development.

Theta wave (4–8HZ) When theta wave is the dominant wave, the person’s consciousness is in a half awake, half asleep dreaming state, the body is deeply relaxed and presents a highly suggestible state for external information, i.e. hypnotized state.

Theta waves are extremely helpful for triggering deep memory, increasing inspiration, improving creativity, and strengthening long-term memory, so theta waves are called “the gate to memory and learning”.

δ wave (0.4–4HZ) When δ wave is the dominant wave, it is deep sleep and unconscious state.

The quality of human sleep is very directly related to δ wave.

δ wave sleep is a dreamless very deep sleep state, if you toss and turn when you summon the near δ wave state, you can quickly get rid of insomnia into deep sleep.

Beauty sleep is the pursuit of this short but deep sleep.

In addition, according to scientific research, δ wave is also the key to developing human intuitive radar system, as well as the mysterious power of superpowers.

There is another kind of brain wave: alpha wave (8 – 14 HZ) When alpha wave is the dominant wave, a person’s consciousness is awake, but the body is relaxed, it provides a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Relaxed state: related to whether a person is calm and easygoing and feels relaxed and happy.

Worry and tension inhibit alpha waves, which are most likely to occur when the eyes are awake and closed.

In this state, the physical and mental energy consumption is the least, and the relative brain energy is higher, so the operation will be faster, smoother, and the inspiration and intuition will be sharper.

Alpha waves are the best brain wave state for people to learn and think.

The higher the power, the higher the voltage of alpha and theta waves, and the better the synchronization of brain waves.

The higher voltage and coordination of brain waves indicate the increase of energy and qualitative changes in the “small universe” of human brain.

More nerve cell networks in the brain are connected, which also means that the normally confused consciousness under external influence is transformed into a clear and pleasant state of consciousness, and the consciousness of anxiety and tension is reduced.

It can be seen that during the alpha state of brain waves, the gate between the conscious and subconscious mind is open, and the “short memories” of the conscious level of body sensations can easily communicate with the subconscious mind.

Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

3. Meditation and science go in the same direction

There is a great scientist in the West named Tesla.

His scientifically proven result is the same as what we experience when we meditate, a true “emptiness”.

Others call it “God”, “Heaven”, “Buddha Nature”, “Energy” or “Quantum Theory”…etc.

No matter what they call it, this “emptiness” does exist.

When we meditate, we let go of everything and enter this “emptiness” – the essence of everything!

And then from this “emptiness” comes the “something” that flows into us and makes us better and more intelligent, which is the purpose of Tesla’s research.

This “emptiness” comes from the inner side, which is the root of everything and where you and I come from, but since we have already formed this form, we might as well enjoy it.

Tesla and many other scientists have proven that everything does not exist in a solid state, as is commonly thought.

The Buddha also proved that our physical bodies are just illusions. These statements are not mysterious at all and are very scientific.

When we look inward, we find that there is nothing, no body, no matter, but only a real world, a real energy, and that is our source.

As long as we don’t think of ourselves as this physical body, we can understand that that is where we come from.

That real energy is the source of everything, and Tesla said the same thing.

If we can communicate with this true “emptiness,” this true “being,” and separate it out, we can make full use of it to create everything.

We could use this energy to make cars and airplanes run, completely free of charge, without using oil and without abusing the world’s resources.

Perhaps in the future more scientists will confirm that meditation is a real thing, and they will use scientific methods to transform from “emptiness” to “existence”.

And we will use our own bodies and minds to get this energy from meditation, to understand where we come from and where we will return to, and to understand that our nature is not this physical body.

We must use this scientific explanation to clarify the mysteries of the practice. In fact, these things are not mysterious at all.

An enlightened master spoke in English in Bangkok, Thailand, 1994.1.1

4. A new favorite in American hospitals and schools: meditation

Once seen as an esoteric, mystical pursuit, meditation has now become mainstream in American society.

According to a 2007 U.S. government survey, the meditating population in the United States exceeds 20 million, or one in 11 people who have meditated in the past.

More and more medical centers are also teaching patients to meditate to reduce pain and stress.

In clinics and hospitals, there are more than 200 different kinds of meditation classes, most of which focus on a mental image, a sound or one’s own breath.

Although it may seem simple on the surface, this practice does work.

Some foundations have also partnered with schools to offer classes where students can practice meditation on campus.

Elementary school teachers say that teaching children to meditate settles them down, as well as lengthens attention span, increases focus, and improves memory.

The dramatic shift in social acceptance of meditation has prompted the scientific community to accelerate research into the benefits of meditation:

Meditation benefits are numerous & Incredible

1. Reduces stress and prevents disease

Some scientific studies have proven that meditation can indeed relieve pain, improve concentration and immune function, lower blood pressure, suppress anxiety and insomnia, and may even help prevent depression.

2. Reshape brain function and structure

With the help of advanced brain scanning technology, scientists have begun to demonstrate that meditation can directly affect the function and structure of the brain.

A brain scan study of long-term meditators, compared to a group of never-meditators, found that the area of the brain that governs concentration and sensory acuity within the body was thickened in long-term meditators.

These people will be alert to the muscle tightness caused by their anger or apprehension.

A UCLA study in May found that the part of the brain responsible for attention and emotion regulation is larger in people who meditate and has more gray and white matter, which can improve mental function.

In addition, there is an area of the cerebral cortex that naturally thins with age, and meditation can slow the rate of change.

In addition, there is an area of the cerebral cortex that naturally thins with age, and meditation can slow down the rate of change.

3. Promote brain activation to enhance antibodies

Richard Davidson, a neurologist at the University of Wisconsin, said his research found that even novice meditators had more activation in areas of the brain that are beneficial to humans.

The more activated these areas are, the greater the body’s antibody response to the flu vaccine and the more protective the vaccine is.

By changing the brain, meditation affects many biological processes.

As research continues to expand, scientists are unlocking more of the mysteries surrounding meditation.

And for those who have been meditating for a long time, the benefits have long been self-evident.

Rep. Tim Ryan, 35, of Ohio, meditates for at least 45 minutes a day before leaving home, because the raucous proceedings on Capitol Hill make him have to refresh himself in order to deal with it with aplomb.

He said meditation helps him keep his mind clear and his attention focused, which makes him a better listener and allows him to make quick, insightful analyses.

I am more awake and enjoy my life more than I used to, he says.

Meditation” should not be new to you, and you know that it is a way for people who want to meditate or practice. But what is the effect of meditation?

In March 2002, the BBC reported on the results of a study by Dr. Andrew Newberg of the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, using modern imaging techniques to study meditation.

4. Meditation Meditation into the Space of Forgetfulness

Dr. Newberg compared the changes in the active parts of the cerebral cortex of Tibetan lamas during and after meditation.

He used a technique called positron tomography (SPECT) to observe changes in local blood flow in the brain by comparing the local blood flow tomograms of the lamas during and after meditation.

This allows us to infer which parts of the brain are more active and which parts are less active when meditating and to understand the activity of the cerebral cortex during meditation.

The study found that the frontal lobe of the brain, or the front part of the brain, had increased activity when meditating, but the occipital lobe of the brain, or the back part of the brain, had decreased activity.

Dr. Newberg explained, “Usually, when people focus on a particular thing, the frontal activity of the brain is increased.

At the same time, activity in the posterior part of the brain, which is generally thought to play a role in orientation, stereoacuity, etc., is significantly diminished.

These results can explain why people usually have the sense of forgetfulness and loss of time and space in meditation meditation, which is exactly what has been observed in the experiment.”

5. Spiritual tranquility and ease of mind and body

Dr. Newberg talked about how he had been thinking about reality, truth and God since he was a child.

These reflections also led him to later use his expertise in neuroscience and brain imaging techniques to conduct research on the relationship between the brain, mind and religious practice.

These studies helped to understand the impact of religious practices on mental and physical health.

He spoke of studies that found a direct relationship between health and psychology and showed that meditation can help lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, reduce anxiety and alleviate depression.

He also believes that the study of the physical world and the inner world of human beings is equally beneficial to humans.

Dr. Neuberger also discovered a special phenomenon. In his research, he found that when people meditate, they experience a “spiritual-psychological” experience.

This spiritual experience is much more real than what is felt in everyday life.

This also indicates that the spiritual experience that people experience may be more intense and clearer than what we feel with our senses, and more real.

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