SciaticaSciatica How to Treat 5 notes to keep you away from Sciatica

Sciatica How to Treat 5 notes to keep you away from Sciatica

Sciatica is a disease caused by inattentiveness in life, often those who often use back activities and often sit are more likely to suffer from this disease, suffering from sciatica needs to be actively treated, how to treat sciatica? Five notes to keep you away from sciatica.

5 notes to keep you away from Sciatica

1. Do not sleep on a soft bed for sciatica

It is best to choose to sleep on a hard bed so as to help reset the spine. It is very important to maintain the correct posture, and once the posture of the spine is restored to the correct position, sciatica will be reduced or disappear.

2. Don’t wear high heels for sciatica

Sciatica patients are better off wearing negative heel shoes, that is, shoes where the toe area is higher than the heel area, this situation, of course, those high-heeled shoes must not be worn, which is also a way to correct the posture of the spine.

Sciatica How to Treat 5 notes to keep you away from Sciatica

3. Sciatica do not lift heavy objects

The patient with sciatica must not lift too heavy things, so as to avoid excessive use of too many lumbar muscles, which can avoid the aggravation of neuritis, if you must lift heavy things, you can first straighten the waist, slowly straighten the waist to lift heavy things.

4. Sciatica is best to exercise moderately

Patients with sciatica must not feel painful to move and not do any exercise, which is not good for the condition and can easily make the muscles atrophy, and can keep moderate exercise, which should be moderate and not too strenuous.

Sciatica How to Treat 5 notes to keep you away from Sciatica

5. Sciatica patients must pay attention to the warmth of the lumbar region

Sciatica patients must avoid cold in the lumbar region, cold in the lumbar region will aggravate neuritis, making the pain in the lumbar region more serious, now there are many heat belts on the market, which are specially prepared for sciatica patients, you can buy one to wear regularly.


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