Healthy MealsPrevent Blood Vessel Blockage, Choose Lard or Vegetable Oil?

Prevent Blood Vessel Blockage, Choose Lard or Vegetable Oil?

Fats and oils are inseparable nutrients for our daily meals, but if eaten incorrectly, they can also have a bad effect on our bodies, especially for elderly people with cardiovascular disease, the choice of cooking oil is important for stabilizing the condition.

Choose Lard or Vegetable Oil?

The most important point in the selection of cooking oil is to look at the content of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. We all know that excessive intake of saturated fatty acids is very harmful to cardiovascular health, while replacing saturated fatty acids in the diet with foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids can lower total serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, thus having the effect of stabilizing blood pressure and blood lipids.

Prevent blood vessel blockage, choose lard or vegetable oil?

So many people mistakenly believe that saturated fatty acids are absolutely harmful, but in fact, saturated fatty acids are also an essential part of our body. The key to the health benefits of any kind of fat is the proper intake and ratio, even if too much unsaturated fat is consumed, it can cause cause serious health problems.

Saturated fatty acids are relatively large, poorly mobile and mostly solid, so they are more solid, but they also tend to attach to blood vessels and endanger their health. It is better to have one-third of them in the cell membrane.

And unsaturated fatty acids are more fluid, which help the cells to perform their respective functions and maintain the functioning of the body, and there is a certain competition with saturated fatty acids.

Increasing the intake of unsaturated fatty acids is conducive to reducing the saturated fatty acids in the body, and accounting for two-thirds of the cell membrane is more appropriate.

Therefore, from the point of view of the fats we often eat, often eat vegetable oil except palm oil, basically are unsaturated fatty acids accounted for a relatively high ratio, generally saturated fatty acids accounted for no more than 20%, olive oil is the lowest, only 13%.

Prevent blood vessel blockage, choose lard or vegetable oil?

Like lard, butter and other saturated fatty acid content is relatively high, in the 50% up and down, the proportion exceeds the needs of the appropriate growth of our organism, so we must eat less.

In general, healthy eating oil should mostly choose vegetable oil, but do not just eat olive oil because of the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, should be a variety of vegetable oils to eat in exchange, so as to achieve the proportion of our body needs for fats, less solid lard, butter, palm oil.

Finally, I would like to remind you that fats and oils can be easily oxidized after contacting the air, which will cause rancidity and produce harsh taste, which not only destroy the flavor of fats and oils, but also increase the content of saturated fatty acids. So it is recommended that you buy small bottles of oil each time, do not put too long, and pay attention to sealing, do not leave open.

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