CancerOnce cancer is found to be late stage ! People who have...

Once cancer is found to be late stage ! People who have 4 things in common

There are often patients who say : Doctor, cancer is so terrible, I actually don’t feel sick for a long time, but as soon as it is found, it is advanced.

I want to remind you that it is actually not reliable to rely on symptoms alone to determine whether it is cancer. This is because early stage cancer has almost no symptoms, for example, early stage lung cancer can have no cough, early stage liver cancer can be painless, but once the cancer keeps progressing and local or distant metastases appear, patients will have a series of discomfort at this time.

Unfortunately, by the time obvious discomfort appears, the cancer is often already in the middle or late stage.

Once cancer is found to be late stage

The occurrence of cancer is related to unhealthy living habits, so people who suffer from cancer often have these common points.

1. People who suffer from cancer often love to stay up late at night and do not go to bed when it is time to sleep, and how many others, who are night owls every day, stay up late without sleeping, people who stay up late for a long time generally have a feeling that they are more and more easily tired and sluggish, both in terms of endurance and energy, are much worse than before, in fact, these are immune system decline caused by staying up late for a long time, after immune system decline, what is more terrible is that The risk of developing cancer will increase.

2. Many people become smokers at night, smoking one cigarette after another, sometimes smoking at least one pack of cigarettes a night, but you may not know that long-term smoking is easy to take in a large amount of carcinogens, which may induce cancer over time.

Once cancer is found to be late stage

3. As early as 1988, The World Health Organization announced that alcohol is a class of carcinogenic substances, and a paper published in the journal Nature showed that acetaldehyde, an intermediate metabolite of alcohol, can directly induce DNA mutations.

4. People suffering from cancer often can’t control their mouths at night, once they get to the evening, they like to overeat and often go to eat late night snacks and all kinds of spicy and stimulating foods, but they don’t know that such inability to control their mouths can also easily induce malignant tumors.

In short, to keep away from cancer, we must maintain healthy habits at night so that the risk of cancer can be reduced as we grow older.

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