ElderlyOlder People, Why the "Elderly smell"? The Culprit is it

Older People, Why the “Elderly smell”? The Culprit is it

As we age, many people will have a special smell, often called “Elderly smell“. The smell of the elderly is mostly determined by their own constitution, and some elderly people neglect to clean their rooms and wash their clothes, which can also make their bodies with a special uncomfortable odor. So what is the reason for this?

The culprit of the “Elderly smell” is originally it

Many people worry that this unpleasant body odor on their own elderly is a sign of health problems, you can rest assured that in most cases, the smell of the elderly is a normal physiological phenomenon, the smell will become more pronounced as people grow older, the reason for this phenomenon, thanks to a substance called diacetyl.

Therefore, the smell of old people is not a nebulous thing, but a phenomenon caused by the body’s natural secretion of chemicals, according to research, diacetyl substances in the human body is widespread, and will gradually increase as people grow older, in people in their thirties and forties, the content of diacetyl reaches its peak.

And another study from Japanese skin experts reported that diacetyl is oxidized from 2-nonenal, 2-nonenal secretion will be higher and higher after we are 40 years old, and whether it is diacetyl or 2-nonenal, it contains special odor. As people grow older, the body’s metabolic capacity will decline, the body secreted these odor-prone substances are difficult to metabolize clean in time, in the body accumulate more, the elderly stink will always exist.

How is the “Elderly smell” produced in the end?

1. 2-nonenal

According to a study by Japanese dermatologists: from about 40 years old, people’s body odor begins to contain high concentrations of “2-nonenal“, and its secretion increases with aging. The study also said that “2-nonenal” has a special odor of a mixture of greasy and weedy smell. This substance is often in the metabolism, from the human sweat glands to spread. And the elderly walk less, in a closed environment is easy to let the odor build up.

2. Human surface microbiota

In addition to 2-nonenal, the decomposition of microbiota on the surface of the human body, such as fungi and bacteria, will also produce odor. Many middle-aged and elderly people due to the number of bathing less, do not pay attention to personal hygiene, skin surface dead skin accumulation, will also intensify this “Elderly smell” emitted.

Older People, Why the "Elderly smell"? The Culprit is it

In addition, some men who often smoke and drink, oral cleaning is not in place, it will also affect the body odor. In addition, post-menopausal women, due to the reduction of estrogen, will also make the “Elderly smell” appear or aggravate.

3. Skin resistance decline

As we age, the resistance of the human skin begins to decline, which increases the possibility of skin infections in the elderly, prone to eczema, dermatitis, ulcers and other skin diseases, cleaning and treatment is not in place, will also emit odor.

4. Drug metabolism

Many people in old age, often in the “coexistence of multiple diseases” state, such as many elderly people are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, which inevitably need to take several kinds of drugs every day, and the metabolic process between these drugs will also produce some odor, emitted through breathing.

Older people do 3 things less to reduce the “Elderly smell

Reduce smoking

Smoking is harmful to health, for the elderly, but also to the body, if you have a habit of smoking, even if the body does not appear any abnormalities, you are advised to go to the hospital to do a full body check, especially the lungs, to understand their lungs and the health of the body, do not wait for problems, only to know to correct.

In addition, the main components of cigarettes – nicotine and tar, including other harmful substances, into the body, is going to affect the speed of blood circulation, but also damage the walls of the blood vessels, increase the impurities in the blood vessels, accelerate the speed of aging, the smell of the body will become more and more obvious.

Older People, Why the "Elderly smell"? The Culprit is it

Eat less high-calorie food

Older people’s own metabolism has slowed down, the digestive capacity is weakened, so diet, it is best to eat some light, easy to digest food, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, like the taste of heavier vegetables such as garlic, leeks, etc., can be eaten, but the taste in the mouth after consumption, it will take more time to dissipate.

Then the high-calorie type of food, such as fish, red meat, etc., the elderly eat, not only increase fat, difficult to digest, but also lead to bad breath.

Eat less spicy and irritating food

Spicy and stimulating food, is the favorite of most young people, some older people also like to eat. But the elderly often eat, may affect the body taste, making body odor more intense, not easy to eliminate.

Old people smell is not a big problem, but the elderly want to reduce body odor, or eat less of the above 3 kinds of food. And usually pay attention to personal hygiene, clothing change regularly, and drink more water.

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