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How much do you know about the “Health Knowledge” that is often misunderstood?

Some of the oral “Health Knowledge” in life, in fact, there is no scientific basis. But because many are the experience of the older generation, over time seems to have become common sense. The following misunderstood health knowledge, you have a few?

Often misunderstood “Health Knowledge”

How much do you know about the "Health Knowledge" that is often misunderstood?

1. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for health. 📢 WRONG !

The WHO has long listed alcohol as a class one carcinogen. The most healthy is not to drip alcohol.

2. Regular infusion can unblock blood vessels. 📢 WRONG !

There is no scientific basis for the infusion of blood vessels, but there are drug allergies, and possible infusion reactions, and may lead to shock and other dangers.

3. Eat while hot for gastrointestinal good. 📢 WRONG !

WHO has long proposed that hot soup with hot water above 60 degrees will increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

4. Chinese medicine has no side effects. 📢 WRONG !

Chinese medicine is poisonous in three parts, and an overdose of Chinese medicine can also cause side effects.

5. 10,000 steps a day will lead to 99 years of life. 📢 WRONG !

Walking about 6000 steps a day is the healthiest.

6. Massage lymph can detoxify. 📢 WRONG !

The human body does not have so many toxins, and some massage store technicians ah, even where the lymph is not necessarily, just blind massage, may be a big problem.

7. Brown sugar and dates can treat iron deficiency anemia. 📢 WRONG !

To supplement iron, you might as well eat a little more red meat, animal liver, fresh vegetables.

8. Eating eggs will raise cholesterol. 📢 WRONG !

Eggs are a universally loved food, but you often hear that you should reduce or avoid them when your cholesterol is high. However, there is still not enough data to date to show that dietary cholesterol intake affects our blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels are more likely to be raised because of the intake of saturated and trans fats.

Health Knowledge

9. Don’t shower or wash your hair during the menstrual cycle. 📢 WRONG !

Mothers are often told not to shampoo or shower during the menstrual period, believing that doing so will allow cold to enter the body and cause joint or bone pain. There is actually no scientific basis for this statement. Proper bathing is necessary for hygiene purposes to reduce the risk of skin and wound infections and will not cause any type of joint pain. If mothers are concerned, they can take a bath with warm water instead of avoiding not bathing at all.

10. Eating spicy food can lead to stomach ulcers. 📢 WRONG !

Eating spicy food is a small thing, but not eating spicy food is a big deal! So seeing this misconception, you who love spicy food should feel comforted at this moment. Stomach ulcers are usually due to H. pylori infection, not spicy food. Having a family history, smoking and consuming too much alcohol can also raise the risk of stomach ulcers. But if you already have a stomach ulcer, it’s best to avoid spicy foods to reduce the irritation caused to your stomach.

11. Must drink 8 glasses of water daily. 📢 WRONG !

This is the most commonly heard claim that 8 glasses of water a day can make the skin better and prevent gallstones. But this claim is also currently no medical basis. Besides, the source of our daily intake of water is not only drinking water, we drink coffee, juice and eat vegetables and fruits contain water. So do not force yourself to drink 8 glasses of water a day, when you are thirsty, that your body needs water.

12. Detoxification diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins. 📢 WRONG !

From a medical point of view, our body comes with its own detoxification function, so there is no need to purposely adopt any detoxification diet therapy. If our body detoxification system is damaged, our body excretion problems, then it needs to be treated.

The most important thing to do to maintain the body’s detoxification system is to take care of the body’s main detoxification organs — the liver and kidneys, avoid processed packaged foods, fatty foods and alcohol, and remember to drink more water.

13. Too much sugar intake can lead to diabetes. 📢 WRONG !

Many people think that the intake of sugar will lead to diabetes, however, sugar actually only triggers obesity, and the real cause of diabetes is obesity. So special attention should also be paid to fatty foods and eat as little as possible. In addition to obesity, diabetes will only be triggered when the insulin cells are destroyed by the immune system.

14. WiFi radiation affects health. 📢 WRONG !

WiFi is actually a small local area network, its transmitter wireless router will produce a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation to the surrounding. Common wireless routers work mostly between 30 to 500 milliwatts, which is smaller than the power of ordinary cell phones (about 125 milliwatts to 2 watts).

Health Knowledge

Generally speaking, with a cell phone for 20 minutes, the human body absorbs more radiation than the use of a year wireless router are. This shows that the impact of WiFi radiation on health is minimal, and people do not have to worry too much about the radiation of cell phones.

15. Cooking food in microwave ovens can cause cancer. 📢 WRONG !

A rumor has been widely circulated on the Internet: microwave heating will make the molecular structure of food changes, resulting in new molecules that the human body can not identify, these strange new molecules are toxic, and may even cause cancer.

In fact, microwave heating is completely physical heating, and the conventional heating principle of open fire is basically the same, the microwave only heats the water molecules in the food, the food itself does not undergo chemical changes, will not produce carcinogens. We should pay more attention to the correct use of microwave ovens, such as avoid heating for too long, avoid ordinary plastic containers, plastic bags, etc. into the microwave heating, avoid using closed containers, avoid heating eggs and other food with shells.

16. Wear myopic glasses will make the eye bulging. 📢 WRONG !

Many people worry that wearing myopic glasses will cause the eyeballs to bulge out, forming “dead fish eyes”, affecting the aesthetics, so they refuse to wear glasses, eventually leading to poorer and poorer vision. In fact, the culprit of eye deformation and protrusion is not the glasses, myopic eyes, not only can not see things, while the shape of the eye may change.

Axial myopia is the more common type of myopia, and one of the symptoms of patients with moderate to high axial myopia is that the eye axis will become longer and the eye will look bulging from the side. So, in general, myopia itself causes the eye to bulge out and has nothing to do with wearing glasses or not.

Patients with myopia should do a good job of preventing and controlling myopia, and wear glasses scientifically to prevent the degree from continuing to deepen and the eyes from continuing to deform.

Therefore, do not believe in some blind knowledge of health, reasonable diet, regular work and rest, good mentality, moderate exercise is the right way of life.

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