FitnessMorning jog 6 months, easy to get sick, Why?

Morning jog 6 months, easy to get sick, Why?

Modern people like to use morning jog to train and help their bodies become healthier. Because morning jog can use our free time to exercise and also improve our physical and mental state. With so many benefits, it is natural that more and more friends are picking their alarm clocks and preparing to go for morning jog exercise.

However, some people have recently reported that they have become prone to illness because of morning running. Why is this? In fact, this is the first time we have heard of such a reflection, but in fact, most of our friends give the reflection that their bodies are getting better and better. So, let’s guess the reason why that friend is prone to get sick because of morning running from these points.

Morning jog 6 months, easy to get sick, Why?

1. The weather is not suitable

Morning running is closely related to the weather, if the weather is bad and often go out for running, it may have the opposite effect. Sometimes, there will be haze in the morning, in the haze weather is certainly not to go out for running, any outdoor sports can not be carried out. And windy days, rainy days, snowy days, cloudy days are to be involved in morning running as appropriate.

2. Wrong posture

Incorrect posture of running will also lead to poor health, because the posture of running is very important. If you use the wrong posture, not only the body may become worse, there may lead to damage to the human body it. For example, if the pace of running is too large, it will involve the ligaments and bones, affecting physical health.

3. Did not eat breakfast on the run

Many people like to eat breakfast after running, but you should know that running without breakfast may lead to anemia, hypoglycemia and other diseases, and we may not have anything to consume in the stomach, and turn to consume energy in the body. To prevent unnecessary danger, please be sure to use a small amount of easily digested and absorbed breakfast, such as bread and eggs, and then go out running.

4. The time is too rushed

Time is too hasty friends do not go running it, because time is too hasty you may not have time to eat a breakfast, or food is not digested to go out to exercise. In the long run, it is possible to either get low blood sugar or stomach problems. And too hasty words may also cause some anxiety mental state.

Morning jog 6 months, easy to get sick, Why?

5. The individual is not suitable

Before we do the morning run, we have to understand one thing, that is, you can really go for running? Is your physical quality really suitable for running? First of all, you should know that the morning is the high incidence of various diseases, such as heart disease, or asthma, if you have a history of these diseases, do not go out for a morning run again.

6. Breakfast is too full

Did not eat breakfast on the eager to run of course is not good, but, but the revolt immediately go out running, or too much breakfast is also easy to trigger a variety of discomfort. Because our stomach and intestines then digest food, blood will gather, and at this time if immediately involved in running exercise, blood will flow all over the body, our stomach and intestines will be digesting food without any assistance. And this can damage the health of the digestive system. So we should eat less breakfast and give our stomach and intestines time to digest before we go for a morning run.

These are the reasons why your body is getting worse the more you run, do you know them? Even if you don’t have any problems with your body, you should avoid these bad morning running habits to avoid bringing hidden dangers to yourself. After all, we run in the morning for health, not to prove that we have run.

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