ExerciseLong-term Lack of Exercise, Weaker Than Smokers!

Long-term Lack of Exercise, Weaker Than Smokers!

We all know that proper exercise is good for health, but the dangers of “Sedentary” are not given much attention. A recent study says that lack of exercise is actually more harmful to the body than smoking, diabetes, heart disease, etc.!

Trials Show That Those Who Lack Exercise Have a Higher Risk of Death!

In order to explore the relationship between exercise and death risk, the research team conducted a 23-year trial on 120,000 patients, which tested their running performance on a treadmill.

The results found that those with poor running performance had an approximately two times higher risk of death compared to those with renal insufficiency, and those who lacked exercise had a six times higher risk of death compared to those with the best exercise performance!

Studies also show that the risk of insufficient exercise substantially exceeds that of smoking, diabetes, and heart disease! In this regard, experts advocate that people must adhere to exercise every day in order to improve physical fitness and reduce the risk of physical harm and death.

Long-term Lack of Exercise, Beware of These Hazards!

Long-term Lack of Exercise, Weaker Than Smokers!

1. Causing Obesity

Long-term non-exercise, calorie intake than consumption, excess heat will be converted into fat stored in the body, thus causing obesity. Adhere to the exercise exercise can consume excess body heat and fat, so as to maintain a proportionate figure.

2. Immunity Decline

Immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism, with the role of identifying and eliminating foreign viruses and bacteria. Lack of exercise can lead to a decline in the body’s immunity, the body is more prone to various diseases, and can even increase the risk of cancer.

3. Decline in Cardiopulmonary Function

Long-term non-exercise will lead to slowing down the blood circulation in the body, the human body is more likely to appear the phenomenon of insufficient blood, resulting in a decline in cardiopulmonary function, rapid heart rate, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, increasing the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, vascular embolism.

Long-term Lack of Exercise, Weaker Than Smokers!

4. Induce Digestive System Diseases

Lack of exercise can cause reduced or disturbed digestive system function, easily induced gastritis, peptic ulcers and other diseases. Adherence to regular exercise can improve the ability of gastrointestinal motility and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

5. The Impact On The Bones & Joints

When the human body does not exercise for a long time, the whole body’s bone and joint system will lose good stimulation and affect the bone metabolism function, this metabolic disorder can make the growth and development of adolescents is hampered, affecting the normal development of bones, will also make the risk of osteoporosis in the middle-aged and elderly increased.

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