PsychologyLong-term Anxiety, Beware of a major disease!

Long-term Anxiety, Beware of a major disease!

In modern life, people are generally stressed, the pressure of the student party from school, exams, the pressure of office workers from performance, work …… different people have different pressures, stress, people will fall into unlimited anxiety can not be extricated, and long-term anxiety, self-doubt, depression, disease is also easy to come!

Negative emotions and diseases are inextricably linked

Anxiety, depression, boredom and other negative emotions, although only psychological manifestations, but can cause many adverse effects on a person’s physical health. Studies show that those who are in a long-term negative mood and find it difficult to extricate themselves from it have a higher risk of developing cancer and heart disease.

When a person is in a state of extreme depression, negative emotions need to find an outlet, and this catharsis may lead to mental problems or physical damage.

Rebuilding Lives: Predicting Your Health from Your Emotions

The famous American mind and body therapist Louise Hay has written a book “Life and Reconstruction”, which reveals the relationship between emotions and the body, for example, when a person feels nervous, the pores of the body will contract, and the access to nutrients for hair will be restricted, which then leads to hair loss; in addition, when a person is depressed for a long time, the risk of anemia and heart disease is higher; also, when a person feels anxious, the digestive system is prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other problems; if the long-term emotional instability, women will endocrine disorders, and are more likely to suffer from breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases ……

Long-term anxiety, beware of a major disease!

Keeping a happy mood is the cheapest way to maintain health

Many people have a weak body, will spend a lot of money to buy health care products to maintain health, in fact, sometimes to maintain a good mood, more useful than eating health care products. Physical and mental health is the most valuable asset in the world, physical health can be maintained through exercise, diet, etc., that mental health how to maintain it?

First of all, to maintain a good mental state, the key is to face their negative emotions, find the right way to vent, such as looking for someone to talk to, you can also seek the help of a psychologist.

Secondly, adjust their mindset, things do not have to be nagging, whether it is to things or people, should be a calm, calm emotions to face, and actively looking for life can be a happy point.

Finally, life also know how to self-soothing, everyone’s mood is fragile, want to make themselves strong, they should learn to deal with their negative emotions, often coax themselves, be confident, do things without having to blame themselves too much.

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