LeukemiaLeukemia Food Therapy Program

Leukemia Food Therapy Program

Less food & more meals, easy to digest: Patients with Leukemia, especially in the course of treatment, often have many reactions in the digestive system such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, etc. At this time, they can adopt the method of eating less and more meals, or in addition to three meals, add some small, high-calorie, nutrient-rich foods, such as pastries, chocolate, bread, kiwi, fresh vegetable juice, etc.

Adverse reactions of the digestive system, patients should consume more alkaline foods to reduce the discomfort of the digestive tract.

According to the condition of the symptomatic regulation of diet: patients with poor food and digestion, can supply semi-liquid or soft rice, such as two rice porridge, steamed egg custard, yogurt, tofu brain, small dumplings, etc., and can be accompanied by hawthorn, radish and other abortive foods.

In short, leukemia patients need to give high-calorie, high-protein, vitamin-rich, mineral-rich and easy-to-digest diet to replenish the body’s calorie and various nutrient consumption due to the hyper-metabolism and low immunity of the body.

Especially during chemotherapy, patients often suffer from loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal reactions, so attention should be paid to the color, aroma, taste and type of dishes to arouse the patient’s appetite.

The series of adverse reactions that occur during treatment in patients with leukemia are caused by the acidity of body fluids, which causes damage to the digestive system, the immune system, and changing the acidity of body fluids to restore the function of the digestive and immune systems.

What Is Good To Eat In Leukemia

What Is Good To Eat In Leukemia

High Protein

Leukemia is the result of pathological changes in blood cells, the consumption of protein in the body of such patients is much greater than normal people, only supplemented with a large amount of quality protein to maintain the function of the tissues and organs.

Another function of protein is to constitute antibodies, which protect the body from bacteria and viruses and improve the body’s resistance.

Therefore, leukemia patients should consume a high-protein diet, especially some good quality, high digestibility and absorption rate of plant protein and bean proteins, such as tofu, tofu brain, dried tofu, bean curd, soy milk, etc.. To supplement the body’s need for protein.

Human protein has the role of regulating the acid-base balance of the human body, if the human body is deficient in protein, it will make the human body fluid acid-base imbalance, so that the body’s weak alkaline environment becomes acidic, leading to the production of various endogenous diseases in the human body, including the occurrence of cancer.

Eat More Foods Rich In Vitamins

Clinical data prove that about 70-90% of malignant tumor patients have different degrees of vitamin deficiency in their bodies. Foreign medical research proves that eating more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can stop cancer cells from generating and spreading.

The intake of large amount of vitamin C can also enhance the local matrix resistance and systemic immune function of the body, thus achieving the purpose of cancer control and treatment.

Foods rich in vitamin C include rape, potherb mustard, tomatoes, chives, leeks, capers, hawthorn, mandarin oranges, fresh dates, kiwi, sea buckthorn and lemon, etc.

What Is Good To Eat In Leukemia

Vitamin A can stimulate the body’s immune system, mobilize the body to fight against cancer and resist the invasion of pathogens. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrot, pumpkin, alfalfa, persimmon pepper and spinach.

Water-soluble vitamins include vitamins C & B vitamins, while fat-soluble vitamins include A, D, E and K. Water-soluble vitamins are easily absorbed and lost from body fluids, and can cause vitamin deficiency if not replenished in time.

Fat-soluble vitamins are easily stored in fatty tissues and the liver, and are slowly excreted from the bile, so excess can lead to toxicity.

Vitamins should be taken in the right amounts, not too much and not too little. The lack of vitamins can also lead to the formation of acidity, and the body has to supplement the vitamins it needs from plants.

More Iron-rich Food Intake

One of the main manifestations of leukemia is anemia, so along with medication, patients are encouraged to regularly consume iron-rich foods, such as moving peas, black beans, green vegetables, dates, brown sugar, black fungus, sesame paste, egg yolk, etc.

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