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I’m Tired & Don’t Get Enough Sleep Every Day, Is It A Liver Problem?

The top 5 most frequently heard complaints were: “I’ve become very tired lately, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough sleep, I can’t even drink coffee to refresh myself, is my liver blacked out?

When I continue to ask the following questions, the answer is almost always: Yes! How do you know, nurse?

It was as if a fortune teller had guessed it and revealed the condition of my body for years.

I Often Feel Tired & Sleepy, But The Problem Is Not Related To Liver

I Asked Them

  • “Do you often feel that your sleep is easily interrupted?”
  • “Do you often feel that the alarm clock is ringing, but you still haven’t slept enough?
  • “Do you often feel very tired every day and can’t refresh yourself even after drinking coffee?
  • “Is there an increase in hair loss?
  • “Do you often have headaches and dizziness, especially during and after menstruation?
  • “Do you often feel a little out of breath after climbing a few steps and need to rest first?

Is there something wrong with your liver? Has life become black and white?

No, don’t blame the liver anymore! Most of them are caused by low hematocrit and anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia, which is most common in women.

Half Of The Anemia Is Caused By Iron Deficiency

Anemia is one of the most common diseases in the world, and about 50% of the causes of anemia are caused by iron deficiency.

The menstrual blood lost by women every month is chronic blood loss, which has a significant relationship with the cause of iron deficiency anemia.

A young mature woman’s test report looks like a middle-aged woman, how can that be? I guess there are two possibilities.

First, she had previous experience with medical treatment, but the results were not good, so she discontinued the treatment on her own.

Secondly, she should be an unbelieving person who thinks that this does not require medical treatment.

But it turned out to be neither! She answered me, “Isn’t this a long-standing problem, nurse? I didn’t know this was not normal.

I remember that the health checkup took 40 minutes to explain, for no other reason than to get her to see that this was not an old problem.

I also thanked her for her cooperation with the medical treatment, and I was relieved when she said this during the next follow-up consultation: “The problem of not sleeping well for 5 or 6 years has been solved.

Iron deficiency anemia is not difficult to treat. As long as you follow your doctor’s instructions and take your iron prescription and return for regular blood tests, your hematocrit will return to normal after 8 weeks of taking iron, and then gradually increase for about 6 months.

Once it is assessed that iron can be suspended, I would advise the case: “In order to prevent iron deficiency in the body, after the doctor has assessed that iron can be suspended, you can take iron supplements to allow your body to consciously replenish enough iron.

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