HypertensionHypertension In Addition To Less Salt, Eat Less 2 Kinds of Food,...

Hypertension In Addition To Less Salt, Eat Less 2 Kinds of Food, Blood Pressure More Stable

According to medical standards, if the high pressure and low pressure are higher than the standard value, it is hypertension, so high pressure ≥ 140 mmHg, low pressure ≥ 90 mmHg is hypertension.

In most people’s understanding of hypertension patients are older people, but according to data show that more and more young people suffer from hypertension, hypertension is gradually becoming younger, and even more and more young people with hypertension.

The reason why hypertension patients are increasing year by year is that many people do not pay attention to hypertension and consider it a minor disease, so the popularization of knowledge about hypertension has been a major problem, resulting in many patients not knowing they have the disease.

Hypertension is difficult to cure, only long-term medication to control blood pressure does not rise, but also through a healthy diet to regulate, in addition to less salt, these two foods should also eat less.

The Relationship Between Salt & Hypertension

1. The Relationship Between Salt & Hypertension

Salt is an indispensable thing in our dietary life, but it is not a harmless, appropriate intake of salt is beneficial to the body, excessive intake of salt will cause great harm to the body, especially the three high people.

If the daily salt intake exceeds the normal range, it will cause an imbalance in stability, and sodium ions will enter the blood vessels to increase blood flow and cause an increase in blood pressure.

In normal life, you should eat less or not eat foods rich in salt, such as pickled vegetables, ham and some soy products with more salt.

They are high in salt, which is very harmful to our health.

2. The Relationship Between Alcohol & Hypertension

Although there are no clear rules for hypertensive patients not to drink alcohol, but for hypertensive patients should drink less or not to drink, because the intake of alcohol does not have any benefit to the stability of blood pressure.

After drinking alcohol, the wine will be proficient in the blood vessels, causing a certain degree of vasodilation, resulting in a short period of increased blood flow and a rapid rise in blood pressure, which affects health.

In addition, regular alcohol consumption will also make the elasticity of blood vessels weakened, so that the metabolic waste of blood vessels in the blood vessels, resulting in increased blood pressure.

What to do with a bad heart? Do these 4 things and give your heart a little more time

After drinking alcohol, the alcohol will not disappear in the blood vessels rapidly, he will flow with the blood, flowing to the various blood vessels, so in the days after drinking the blood vessels will always be in a state of expansion, resulting in blood pressure will always rise, which is a great impact on our health.

3. The Relationship Between High-Fat Food & High Blood Pressure

When it comes to high-fat food, people will immediately think of obesity, fat, but no one to consider the deeper level of high-fat food damage to the body.

High-fat foods are an important factor in causing the three highs, and elevated blood pressure is promoted by elevated lipids. Frequent consumption of high-fat food will cause the body to increase fat, and fat particles in the blood vessels will also increase, resulting in increased blood viscosity, so that the blood flow can not maintain the normal flow rate, blood pressure will rise.

In life, we should eat less high-fat foods like red meat, animal offal, peanuts and cream, especially for patients with high blood pressure, eliminate these foods as much as possible and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Daily Do These 2 Things More, Blood Pressure Stable, Blood Vessels Smooth

The first thing: to prevent hypertension complications, daily supplementation of nutrition research found that in cardiovascular disease, especially hypertension, lipid prevention and treatment, umbelliferone, butylphthalide and other substances, play an important role.

These substances are widely present in a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans and tea, the best of which: mango puree contains a high level of these substances. It is suitable for long-term consumption to lower blood pressure, blood fat, promote blood flow, prevent arteriosclerosis, heart and brain infarction and other diseases.

The second thing: more exercise exercise is a key factor in maintaining good health, can keep all the organs of the body are full of vitality. When exercising, the body will consume fat and increase the flow of blood to make blood pressure more stable.

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