ProstateHow to Prevent Prostatitis? 6 Major Foods

How to Prevent Prostatitis? 6 Major Foods

Prostatitis is the most common male disease, the incidence is also surprisingly high, the main population is concentrated in young and middle-aged men, the incidence of 31% to 41%. The incidence is so high, what should we do as men? The best thing to do is to prevent it!

The actual fact is that there are many reasons that affect the health of the prostate, the main one is the bad habits.

Pressure: Office workers often sit for a whole day. Sitting will compress the prostate. Congestion of the glands makes the excretion of prostate fluid difficult and induces inflammation.

Holding back: Holding back urine is something that office men often do. The work has not been completed, so bear with it; when there is inspiration, bear with it. However, when holding back the urine, the urine flows back into the prostate duct, causing prostatitis.

Drunk: Drinking is an indispensable thing in a man’s life. Drinking two glasses with friends, drinking a bottle when feeling upset, and refreshing when drinking alcohol… However, alcohol stimulates the expansion of the capillaries of the prostate, which affects the physiological function of the prostate.

Cigarettes: Cigarettes contain various harmful substances, some of which can damage the inner walls of blood vessels in the male genitourinary system, destroy the elasticity of blood vessels, and induce diseases.

Sex: Excessively frequent husband and wife sex or long-term prohibition of sex can cause changes in the local blood circulation of the prostate and cause inflammation.

Therefore, if you want to stay away from prostate disease, you must correct the above bad habits. In addition, men also need a food list to escort the health of the prostate.


Tomato has always been the first choice to protect the prostate. It contains carotene and lycopene, which not only has a significant therapeutic effect on prostatitis, but also reduces the incidence of prostate cancer.


Chinese chives

Leek is also called Yang grass. Men eating it can not only promote yang, but also prevent prostatitis. It is also effective for men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other diseases.

Chinese chiv

Pumpkin seeds

An experiment in the United States found that taking pumpkin seed extract for patients with enlarged prostate did reduce the frequency of frequent urination and also improved other symptoms. Pumpkin seeds are also the best source of vitamin E, which can resist aging and prevent prostate enlargement.

Pumpkin seeds


The bactericidal effect of garlic is well known. It not only eliminates germs in the body, but the lead selenide it contains also has an antioxidant effect, so it is often used as a food to prevent prostate cancer.



The prostate contains a certain amount of antibacterial factors, the main component of which is zinc. When people are suffering from chronic prostatitis, the zinc content is significantly reduced, and it is difficult to increase. Apples are rich in zinc, and regular consumption can protect the prostate.


Watermelon is rich in lycopene. Regular consumption can prevent prostate diseases and protect prostate health.

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