ExerciseHow to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

How to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

Having well-developed pectoral muscles is a dream come true for men, and a man only has strong pectoral muscles to look powerful and powerful. The pectoral muscles are the true color of the man, with a strong charm to shock others.

How to Chest Exercises? Why pectoral muscles exercise for a long time without shape?

A. What is Pectoral Muscle

The pectoral muscle is the muscle of the chest, consisting of two parts, also known as the pectoralis major muscle. Pectoral muscle generally refers to the chest muscles of men. Developed pectoral muscles are an important part of a man’s sexy features.

B. Why Your Pectoral Muscles are not Shaped?

How to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

1. Always Use The Same Action to Exercise The Same Part

Muscles to be full, you need to stimulate from all angles, if you use one action to stimulate the same part for a long time, the muscle will adapt, to muscle growth, you need to adjust their exercise movements and plans.

2. The Action is Not Standard, Not Done

Each action should be the maximum displacement to pull God and contract the muscle, the action should be standardized in place, so as to stimulate the muscle. If you can not complete the action can reduce the weight, the first thing is to ensure the correctness of the movement integrity, and then consider the weight.

3. Neglected to Rest

Muscle training is not a day or two, is a long-term accumulation process. Some students are eager to achieve, the muscle has not recovered the case and exercise, prompting the muscle to cause damage again, muscle growth and repair of course discount. The best way is to exercise every other day, or the next day to avoid training to the same part, to avoid the recovery of the muscle to re-energize to affect its repair growth.

 How to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

So you can try to avoid the same muscle group force. For example, if you practice your arms on the first day and your chest on the second day, the effect will not be good, because the arm muscles will fire while practicing your chest, which will also affect your chest exercise. The next day you can practice legs or waist and abdomen and so on. Own reasonable arrangements to avoid the first day of exercise parts force.

4. Deliberately Avoid Large Weight Stimulation Muscle Did Not Get Stimulated

The growth of muscle mass requires the stimulation of large weights, what is a large weight is within the correct range of completed movements, the limit can do 6-8 weight. Such weights can stimulate the muscle fibers deeply and grow the muscles. So you can arrange a group of large weights for yourself to stimulate. The ability to suffer, the muscle can grow. Especially deep squat, hard pull these.

5. The Intention is not in Place

Many students did not go to feel the feeling of congestion in the parts of the muscle force. This feeling is the pump sense, you need to consciously feel the exercise parts of the muscle force changes. You can adjust the speed, angle so that the muscle in the consciousness of the domination of the coordination to the maximum torque, stimulating to the deep muscle layer. Let the blood filled up more full.

6. Neglected The Nutritional Supplement

Muscle breakdown reaches its peak value 90 minutes after exercise. We need to supplement the full protein powder within 30 minutes after training, because only whey protein can be quickly absorbed by muscle utilization, 30 minutes after training is also recognized as the golden absorption period of protein powder. In addition, there is also the morning breakfast and night before going to bed is also the best time to supplement.

How to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

7. Did Not Set Goals for Themselves

When their own muscles adapt to the weight, they should be challenged to greater weight, for example, at the beginning our limit weight is 6-8, after a while found themselves able to do 12. This is the time when we should challenge ourselves to bigger weights and redefine our limit weight. Only then can the muscle break the balance of growth and continue to stimulate growth.

C. How to Exercise Pectoral Muscles: Push-ups Most Effective

Push-ups on the abdomen, back, chest muscles have a good exercise effect, but also can make more patterns, get unexpected fitness effects.

1. The Distance Between The Two Hands Changes

Hands slightly wider (or slightly narrower) than the shoulders, elbows open and parallel to the ground. As long as the hands and shoulder width is not equal, the difficulty of the push-ups will increase accordingly. Slightly wider than the distance between the shoulders, more favorable to the exercise of arm strength, shoulder muscle strength; slightly narrower than the distance between the shoulders, the method is favorable to the exercise of chest muscles and back muscles.

How to Chest Exercises for men most stylish?

2. The Technique, Footwork Changes

The technique can be divided into full palm support, fist support and finger support three forms, from the direction can be divided into fingertips forward, inward, outward three kinds of support position. Full palm support, that is, with the palm of the whole hand to support the ground; fist support, that is, with the form of clenched fist to support the ground; finger support, that is, with the first joint of the fingers to support the ground method. Finger support requires a lot of strength, and the highest degree of difficulty. Foot method, can be divided into two feet together and open two forms, but also with the back of the foot or foot arch respectively.

3. The Body Tilt Posture Changes

High posture push-ups, in doing exercises, the practitioner’s body is low feet hands high, hands and feet are not on the same level. This posture is suitable for beginners, people with little strength. Medium-posture push-ups, the practitioner’s feet and hands are on the same level, suitable for general exercise crowd. Low-posture push-ups, in the practice, the practitioner’s body is high feet, low hands, feet can be placed on a low bench, the edge of the bed hands on the ground, hands and feet are not in the same plane. This posture will be the weight of the whole body in the upper limbs, the fitness requirements of the gym.

4. The Exercise Frequency Changes

Can be a combination of fast and slow, practice first fast to do a few times, then slow to do a few times; can also be timed counting, counting the number of exercises in the unit of time; can also simply count, the practitioner do push-ups without interruption until exhaustion. Frequency changes can better stimulate muscle growth, cross-use them, exercise is less likely to feel fatigue.

Start with the most basic movements, and then improve the difficulty. The general is a group of 12, 4-5 groups, with 40 seconds to 1 minute rest between groups. Chest, shoulders, arms developed and strong, you can follow the above pattern, and then do some variations, with different methods of different angles to stimulate the pectoral muscles, chest shape will be able to perfect.

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