CancerHow long can I live if I am diagnosed with Liver Cancer?

How long can I live if I am diagnosed with Liver Cancer?

For liver cancer patients, what they care about after diagnosis is not only the treatment and cost, but also another question that they and their family members worry more and repeatedly consult doctors: How long can I live?

According to clinical information, there are three main types of primary liver cancer, namely hepatocellular carcinoma, intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, and mixed hepatocellular carcinoma.

However, no matter which type a patient presents with, it cannot hide the fact that it is essentially a malignant tumor. Usually, the survival period of liver cancer ranges from a few months to several years from the time of diagnosis!

What affects the survival rate of liver cancer patients, on the other hand, is mainly related to the following three factors.

How long can I live if I am diagnosed with Liver Cancer?

1. Time of detection

The treatment of liver cancer is the same as other cancers, the guideline is early detection and early containment. The more in situ liver cancer is diagnosed in early stage, the better the clinical control effect will be.

If liver cancer patients are still in the early stage or local infiltration stage when diagnosed, after scientific treatment, the survival rate of patients can reach about 70-90% in five years.

However, once liver cancer progresses to the advanced stage, the deterioration and death within a few months is also a clinically predictable end.

2. Pathological types of cancer

Liver cancer is clinically divided into several pathological types. Different pathological types of liver cancer have different degrees of malignancy and development speed, so there are certain differences in treatment.

Usually, the more differentiated liver cancer is, the longer the survival period of patients will be.

However, if a patient has hypofractionated and highly malignant liver cancer, the disease is often difficult to control, and even after surgical resection, the possibility of recurrence and metastasis is very high, and the patient’s survival period is obviously shortened.

3. Patient’s actual condition

Besides the type of cancer and the early or late detection of the disease will affect the survival of liver cancer, the patient’s personal condition also plays an important role in cancer treatment. If the patient’s mentality is too poor, fails to actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment and has no strong desire to live, the cancer control effect is also relatively lower.

How long can I live if I am diagnosed with liver cancer?

Or if the patient does not take the next step of treatment after surgery and does not adjust from the aspect of life, this also increases the chance of cancer recurrence and metastasis. In addition, the patient’s age and genes also affect the effect of later treatment. The older the patient is, the worse the prognosis will be!

At present, there are many clinical treatments for liver cancer, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In addition to that, new targeted drugs and immune agents in recent years also have types of fighting against liver cancer.

As the saying goes: Do your best, know your fate! Instead of caring how long they can live, patients should focus on fighting cancer and treatment. The earlier they start to control and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, the longer the survival period will be.

And even if liver cancer has reached an advanced stage, we do not need to give up ourselves excessively. After scientific treatment, although cancer cannot be cured, it can still reduce personal pain and prolong patients’ life, and even reach the standard of living with tumor. Therefore, the best way to fight against cancer is to look at liver cancer correctly, set the right attitude and treat it actively.

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