COVID-19How do you run with a Mask on during an Epidemic?

How do you run with a Mask on during an Epidemic?

With the improvement of the situation of the new crown epidemic, people’s lives are slowly stepping back to the right track. As the temperature rises and the weather improves, some people also start to do outdoor sports, such as running is a basic form of exercise.

However, because people are used to wearing masks, it becomes a little difficult to take them off, and they are afraid that the “new crown” evil forces will resurface, so they have to wear masks even when they go out for running.

In fact, wearing a mask running may not be very friendly to the body.

We all know that running is an aerobic exercise, and when running, the body’s demand for oxygen will become greater, so people will become faster breathing. If you run with a mask on, your breathing will be resisted and the oxygen supply in your body will be insufficient, so you will be prone to dizziness due to lack of oxygen, which will increase the risk of exercise. Especially for those who are already poor in cardiorespiratory function, running with a mask is more likely to happen.

How do you run with a Mask on during an Epidemic?

However, if you think you have better cardiorespiratory function and want to go out running, you can also follow the following points to do the preparatory work for running.

1. Go to an open place with few people.

The State Department’s “Guidelines for the public to wear masks scientifically” released in March mentions that for the general public, masks may not be worn at home, outdoors, when there are no people gathering and when ventilation is good.

Therefore, literally, if you want to run outside, it is best to choose places with few people and good ventilation, and you can run in these places without wearing a mask.

2. Wearing ordinary medical masks

Of course, can go to the open place to run, does not mean that you can go out to the wave arbitrarily. If there are too many people in the sports place, I suggest that you wear a mask to run, but the mask should pay attention to choose ordinary medical mask is good.

3. Reduce the intensity of running

When running breathing will be affected to a certain extent, people will feel difficult to breathe and suffocating feeling, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of running, jogging is the main, and running time should not be too long.

Special period, we should pay attention to exercise while preventing the virus, but if there are conditions, it is best to exercise at home, as little as possible to go out Oh.

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