COVID-19False! Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

False! Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

The epidemic is recurring, and there is no time to let up on the prevention and control of COVID-19. What spreads faster than the COVID-19 is the speed of rumors that mislead people’s judgment, create artificial panic and confusion, and do more harm than good to treat and contain the COVID-19.

Because of this, how to prevent COVID-19 was once a hot topic. Today we will talk about the rumors about COVID-19 pneumonia.

Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

1. Garlic sliced and oxidized for 15 minutes will eliminate COVID-19

False. Internet rumors say that sliced garlic oxidized for 15 minutes, put it in your mouth and bite it to contain it for a while, swallow the saliva and spit out the garlic cloves to kill the COVID-19rlic does promote health, but it has no effect on killing the COVID-19.

2. Is it contagious after 15 seconds without a mask?

Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

False. Because it is difficult to distinguish between some mildly ill patients, in this case, it cannot be ruled out that the patient contracted the disease after coming into contact with other mildly ill patients who are still detoxifying, but at present it is also very important to do a good job of personal protection such as wearing a mask and washing hands regularly.

3. The new crown recovered people do not need to be vaccinated

False. It is true that people who have been infected with the Newcastle pneumonia virus will produce antibodies. However, these antibodies have a short lifespan, and patients are at risk of being reinfected by the disease.

False! Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

The CDC says it doesn’t know yet how long a person will be protected after recovering from coronavirus. The immunity that some people gain as a result of an infection is called natural immunity and varies from person to person.

Therefore, experts stress that even people who are already infected with coronavirus should be vaccinated unless they are more aware of the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine.

4. You can get the COVID-19 by using disposable chopsticks.

False. According to online reports, disposable chopsticks from these areas may carry the virus and are likely to be infected after use. Manufacturers of disposable chopsticks are located almost nationwide and are not concentrated in one area. Once the risk is involved, manufacturers will immediately stop production and conduct inspections and disinfection.

5. Drinking more tea can remove the COVID-19

False. The Internet rumor is that 90% of the COVID-19 can be killed by tea, and 99.9% of the COVID-19 ten minutes can be killed by tea.

False! Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

There is no evidence to prove that drinking tea can prevent the new coronavirus. The correct approach to prevent the virus is to keep indoor air circulation, pay attention to hygiene, wash hands regularly, eat cooked food, and stay away from crowded places.

6. Snow is easy to carry the COVID-19?

False. The COVID-19 does tolerate cold temperatures better, and “the virus is afraid of heat and not cold” is true to some extent. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that snow can carry NIV.

False! Top 7 rumors of the COVID-19

But the outdoor environment may also exist in a variety of pathogenic bacteria, play with snow must be careful not to touch the mouth, nose and eyes with your hands, play with snow to wash your hands in time.

7. Infection with COVID-19 can cure tumor

False. The medical journal British Journal of Hematology reported a case of advanced malignant tumor patients infected with the new crown virus after the tumor disappeared, so there is a “infection with the new crown pneumonia can cure the tumor” argument.

However, this case is not clinically relevant, and in fact, studies have shown that patients with underlying disease have a higher mortality rate when infected with Neoplasmosis. In fact, studies have shown that the mortality rate is higher in patients with underlying disease.

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