Skin DiseasesExperts Recommend 7 Tips For Scalp Folliculitis Prevention

Experts Recommend 7 Tips For Scalp Folliculitis Prevention

The prevention of scalp folliculitis is first of all to maintain hygiene, which is the most basic prerequisite for the prevention of scalp folliculitis, and is also one of the essential conditions.

In addition to this, the prevention of scalp folliculitis also need to do the following work.

How To Prevent Scalp Folliculitis.

1. Maintain the integrity of the skin function. If you have other skin diseases, you should be treated early, not because of other diseases and induced by the penetrating abscess head folliculitis, but also to prevent skin injury and irritation, etc.

How To Prevent Scalp Folliculitis

2. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most effective and most effective products.

The supplies of the patient with abscess head folliculitis should be disinfected as necessary to prevent the spread of the disease.

3. The patient should not drink alcohol or eat spicy and stimulating food at the onset of the disease. The patient should not drink alcohol or eat spicy and irritating food. Eat less thick food. The actual fact that each person has a different condition of abscess head folliculitis, different treatment methods should be used.

It is possible to make a specific analysis according to the specific situation of the patient with penetrating abscess head folliculitis, so that the best treatment for penetrating abscess head folliculitis can be chosen.

4. Diet should pay attention to less alcohol and acid, spicy and other irritating food, recurring hair people should usually eat less greasy and sweet things, eat more vegetables, fruits, increase vitamins, keep bowel movements smooth.

5. Do not use products such as conditioner on the scalp, minimize contact, including dry hair used on the moisturizing, styling products, be sure to distinguish between scalp care products and hair care products.

6. Try to rinse the hair with flowing water, water pressure will make the hair follicles in the dirty things are squeezed out, and cleaning must be thorough, do not leave sticky things, when appropriate, you can wash twice.

7. If there is a painful and itchy pus on the scalp, that is the symptoms of inflammation of the hair follicle, remember not to scratch with your hands.

How To Prevent Scalp Folliculitis

The treatment also has to be internal and external, external use of some anti-inflammatory eye ointment applied to the affected area, a thin layer can be, internal to keep the diet light, do not eat heavy oil heavy things, can be appropriate to supplement some vitamins.

The prevention and control of the disease is multifaceted, folliculitis can be localized or systemic, patients must have a good mindset of healing.

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