ElderlyEarly Rise 3 do not, After the Meal 3 do not Rush,...

Early Rise 3 do not, After the Meal 3 do not Rush, You do the Right?

If the elderly want to live a more comfortable and safe life, they need to pay attention to many aspects, only actively pay attention to these details of life, so that the elderly can maintain a healthy body.

What is the “3 don’ts” for the elderly to wake up early?

1. Do not get up too hard in the morning

The elderly are generally poor sleepers, the elderly generally wake up earlier in the morning, it is best to lie in bed for a while after waking up, do a little action, move around in bed, and then get up, because this allows the body’s organs to gradually run up.

Early Rise 3 do not, After the Meal 3 do not Rush, You do the Right?

If you wake up in the morning, get up too hard, there may be dizziness, so it is easy to fall, especially for the elderly with cardiovascular disease, once the fall may cause great problems.

2. Defecate regularly, do not hold it in

The body of the elderly digestive organs have gradually become senile, aging digestive organs will certainly decline in function, so the elderly need to develop a good habit of regular defecation, every morning after waking up you need to go to the toilet squatting for a while, you may develop a good habit of regular defecation, then you will be able to quickly defecate.

Older people should never hold their stools, because stools held in the human body can easily lead to water being absorbed by the large intestine, thus causing dry stools, defecation will be difficult, defecation difficulties can easily cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures, bringing great distress to the lives of older people.

3. Do not skip breakfast, and do not eat breakfast immediately

The organs of the body of the elderly have aged, because of aging, so need to get better maintenance. If you do not eat breakfast in the morning after waking up, it is very harmful to the body, which may lead to stomach problems in the long run, making the health of the body decline.

But do not eat breakfast immediately after waking up, you can drink a glass of water after waking up, and then eat breakfast after half an hour will be better.

After the meal “three not urgent” is what is going on?

Early Rise 3 do not, After the Meal 3 do not Rush, You do the Right?

1. Do not rush to exercise after meals

Many people have a good habit of exercise after eating, but it should be noted that exercise after meals is better, but do not immediately go to do exercise after meals, because immediately after meals to do exercise, may directly affect the digestive organs of the digestive function, in the long run may bring harm to the digestive system, there is no benefit to health.

2. Do not rush to take a bath and eat fruit after a meal

If you go to take a bath immediately after eating, it is easy to make the food in the gastrointestinal tract difficult to digest, because the blood will be mainly supplied to the gastrointestinal tract after meals, to promote digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, but if you take a bath immediately after meals, it may prevent the digestive organs from getting enough blood, which in the long run may easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Many people have the good habit of eating fruit after meals, but it is also not suitable to eat fruit immediately after meals, because eating fruit after meals may cause the task of digestion to become heavy, and it is easy to cause bloating or discomfort. It is best to take a bath after an hour after meals, and fruit can be placed before meals if you want to eat.

3. Do not lie down immediately after the meal

Many people will feel particularly tired after meals, so these people will immediately lie down to rest after meals. In fact, most of the blood after the meal will be supplied to the gastrointestinal area to digest food, at this time feel tired is inevitable, if the meal immediately lie down, it is easy to cause the heart and brain blood supply is insufficient, there may be chest tightness, dizziness and other problems, especially people suffering from cardiovascular disease, need special attention, do not immediately lie down after the meal.

In a word, the body of the elderly has aged, the elderly need to pay more attention to health care, so that they can keep their bodies healthy. The elderly health care needs to pay attention to the three things not to do when you get up in the morning, the elderly also need to pay special attention to not rush to do three things after meals.

If you can pay attention to these issues, the elderly can be more healthy.

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