ExerciseDrink Coffee with care! A cup of Coffee before Exercise, Accelerate fat...

Drink Coffee with care! A cup of Coffee before Exercise, Accelerate fat Burning

As we all know, coffee contains caffeine, which can play a role in refreshing the brain, usually a cup of work, a cup of rest on the weekend, a cup of bad mood, for coffee lovers, either in the coffee or on the way to drink coffee. And coffee not only plays an active role in the prevention of many diseases, but also can improve the metabolic level of the human body, really two birds with one stone!

Drink coffee before exercise, weight loss with half the effort

Coffee is far more powerful, published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN)” on a study showed that: drinking coffee before aerobic exercise, to accelerate the efficiency of fat burning.

Finally found a little comfort, drinking coffee and exercise to accelerate fat burning related, drinking coffee can become thin, think about it is very good!

Drink Coffee with care! A cup of Coffee before Exercise, Accelerate fat Burning

Stop, drinking coffee is only an auxiliary means to lose weight or to exercise, coffee can make you lose weight with half the effort, 30 minutes after drinking coffee, the body’s energy metabolism increases, the body’s sympathetic nerves will be in a state of excitement, while the free fatty acids in the blood will change into a state of easy supply of energy, the concentration will also increase, and then with exercise, this time you can boldly think that the fat is accelerating the burning.

How much to drink and how to drink?

Drinking coffee or have to be careful, drink the right, in order to play its role, the intake of caffeine to about 3 mg / kg, equivalent to the amount of a cup of strong coffee, and to drink half an hour before exercise, will be able to significantly accelerate the rate of fat burning.

It should also be noted that under the same conditions, the effect of exercising after drinking coffee in the afternoon is more pronounced than that of exercising after drinking coffee in the morning.

Coincidentally, the afternoon workout just after drinking afternoon tea time, not only does not delay drinking afternoon tea, but also does not affect the exercise, and can be effective for weight loss.

Another reason to drink coffee in the afternoon, to a cup of coffee, but also to accelerate fat burning, is a god helper on the road to weight loss is right.

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