Liver CancerDon't Pay Attention To Fatty Liver? 5 Steps Can Turn Into Liver...

Don’t Pay Attention To Fatty Liver? 5 Steps Can Turn Into Liver Cancer

As the age of fatty liver patients is getting younger and younger, the treatment of fatty liver should be paid more attention gradually.

Many patients start with fatty liver and gradually turn into liver cancer. Liver cancer is not formed in a day or two, but is due to the gradual mutation of various factors.

Once you suffer from fatty liver, you should pay attention to it and not wait until the irreversible stage of cirrhosis and liver cancer before you regret. What should not be ignored is: from fatty liver to liver cancer only needs to go through 5 steps.

There are Only 5 Steps from Fatty Liver To Liver Cancer.

Don't Pay Attention To Fatty Liver? 5 Steps Can Turn Into Liver Cancer

1. Simple Fatty Liver

Body fat becomes more and more, resulting in more fat in the liver, squeezing the liver cells to the side.

2. Steatohepatitis

A common pathological change of the liver in which the fat content exceeds the removal capacity of the liver cells, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the liver cells and causing a fatty liver, after an excessive accumulation of fat in the liver cells persistently caused by various reasons.

3. Liver Fibrosis

With steatohepatitis and prolonged treatment, hepatocytes are repeatedly destroyed and then regenerated, and a variety of extracellular matrix is diffusely overdeposited and abnormally distributed in the liver, causing structural disorders in the liver and liver fibrosis, which is still reversible in the tissue.

4. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is an irreversible process caused by the increase of the original fibrous tissue and the continuation of diffuse hyperplasia, the formation of nodules and pseudo lobules, which in turn destroys the normal tissues and blood supply of the liver, resulting from long-term factors.

5. Liver Cancer

After cirrhosis, it increases the risk of liver cancer. If accompanied with diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, endocrine disorder, abnormal function of the body’s internal environment and immune system, which leads to the decrease of the function of the immune system to supervise the occurrence of tumor, it cannot clear the abnormal mutated cells, and then cancer occurs.

Before the arrival of liver cancer, there were several steps that could be treated well. Simple fatty liver, steatohepatitis and liver fibrosis are all reversible, but when it becomes cirrhosis later, it starts its irreversible process, and the development of liver cancer means that it comes to the end of liver. Early diagnosis of fatty liver should not be delayed and treatment should be started in time.

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