HypertensionDoes Long-Term Consumption of Peanuts Lower Blood Pressure, or Raise it?

Does Long-Term Consumption of Peanuts Lower Blood Pressure, or Raise it?

Hypertension has become one of the most common chronic metabolic diseases in daily life, and according to statistics, 3 out of every 10 adults are hypertensive, not including some people who are not aware that their blood pressure has exceeded the standard.

Hypertension is an irreversible disease, once diagnosed with hypertension, it is necessary to take long-term antihypertensive drugs, some young people know that their blood pressure is high, but will not take drugs, think they are so young to start taking drugs, is not a lifetime to take drugs into the medicine jar.

If the blood pressure remains high for a long time, it is easy to cause complications of hypertension, so to the phenomenon of high blood pressure, we must promptly regulate.

In the insistence on taking drugs at the same time, we must also adjust their diet in a timely manner, do not think that medication will not care, as usual, you can eat and drink so it is also easy to lead to high blood pressure has been high, difficult to control, but lead to more serious consequences.

Long-term eating peanuts is to lower blood pressure, or blood pressure? Doctors announced the answer, it is recommended to know in advance

Does Long-Term Consumption of Peanuts Lower Blood Pressure, or Raise it?

For people with high blood pressure, diet is indeed very critical, in daily life there are some foods that can raise blood pressure, and there are some foods that can assist in lowering blood pressure, some people say that high blood pressure can not eat peanuts, some people say they can eat, for patients with high blood pressure, in the end how to choose it?

Today, the doctor announced the answer to everyone, although the fat content of peanuts is relatively high, but most of the peanuts are unsaturated fatty acids, this substance can remove blood cholesterol, soften blood vessels, accelerate metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, care for vascular health.

Peanuts contain a large number of vitamins, such as vitamin B vitamin E and dietary fiber to help stabilize blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease, but we also need to pay attention to when eating peanuts to strictly control the amount, it is best to eat a small handful every day.

Natural blood pressure ingredients found, hypertension patients should eat more, or to stabilize blood pressure and prevent complications

Bitter melon

The content of calcium and iron and other trace elements in bitter melon is very high, bitter melon contains alkaloids quinine, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory blood diuretic, can help stabilize blood pressure.

Does Long-Term Consumption of Peanuts Lower Blood Pressure

Bitter melon contains bitter melon and vitamin C, which can prevent atherosclerosis and take care of heart health.


When there is also fungus, polysaccharides, amino acids, trace elements and so on, these substances can help reduce blood concentration, play a lipid-lowering effect, while eating more fungus can play a laxative effect, blood circulation and blood stasis.


Celery is rich in potassium, which can neutralize the sodium ions in the body to help discharge excess sodium, to achieve the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, celery is also a high dietary fiber food, containing flavonoids and unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients, eaten into the body can play a role in lowering blood pressure, lowering fat, lowering sugar.


Bananas also have antihypertensive effect, because bananas are also rich in potassium ions can take away the excess sodium ions, so as to play a blood pressure effect, in addition to bananas can also eat more grapefruit, watermelon, oranges, etc., these fruits can play the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Does Long-Term Consumption of Peanuts Lower Blood Pressure, or Raise it?

The phenomenon of high blood pressure, we must not take it lightly, must be timely conditioning, in addition to adjusting the diet on the basis of appropriate exercise to promote blood circulation, help discharge blood, leading to toxins and garbage, stable blood pressure, the body will be healthier.

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