ElderlyDo you Know 3 three common Diseases of the Elderly?

Do you Know 3 three common Diseases of the Elderly?

As the elderly get older, their health will slowly deteriorate and their chances of suffering from various diseases will gradually increase. Today we introduce 3 common diseases of the elderly, more information in order to help the elderly in the family to prevent and treat diseases.

1. Hypertension

Hypertension is known as the “silent killer” and most patients can develop it without any symptoms. Although hypertension may not sound like a big deal, it is not something to be ignored, and the higher-than-normal pressure on the patient’s blood vessels over time can easily lead to serious illnesses such as coronary heart disease and strokes.

Do you Know 3 three common Diseases of the Elderly?

Older people have a higher chance of developing hypertension. At present, the exact cause of hypertension has not yet been determined, and most of the discussion is about risk factors. Like young and middle-aged people, risk factors for hypertension in the elderly include obesity, poor lifestyle habits, and genetics.

To prevent hypertension in the elderly, it is recommended to maintain a good lifestyle. Exercise in moderation, quit smoking and drinking, and eat a healthy diet.

2. Osteoporosis

Among the elderly, osteoporosis is one of the common diseases. With age, disorders of bone metabolism due to imbalance in the secretion of calcium-regulating hormones in the body of the elderly can cause osteoporosis.

Older people consume less nutrition and weaken digestive function, resulting in insufficient intake of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and trace elements, which can also cause osteoporosis in the long run. Some elderly people have less outdoor exercise, which can increase their chances of developing osteoporosis.

Older people can exercise in moderation, take calcium supplements, get more sunshine and have regular checkups.

3. Coronary Heart disease

Coronary atherosclerotic heart disease is a heart disease caused by atherosclerotic lesions in the coronary arteries that narrow or block the lumen of the blood vessels, resulting in myocardial ischemia, hypoxia or necrosis, often referred to as “coronary heart disease”.

Coronary Heart disease
Heart attack concept. Senior man suffering from chest pain, closeup

As we age, lipids in the blood gradually precipitate to form atheromatous plaques, so coronary heart disease is common in the middle-aged and elderly. The prevention of coronary heart disease can start from lifestyle, smoking is one of the risk factors, other risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, unhealthy eating habits, etc..

It is recommended to take the elderly for regular medical checkups to ensure their health by early detection and treatment of diseases.

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