SportsDo Sit-ups Work for Weight Loss?

Do Sit-ups Work for Weight Loss?

As we all know, Sit-ups are a very physically demanding action, in the youth sports program assessment, sit-ups are mandatory, but if you want to lose weight through sit-ups, how effective is it? Sit-ups to lose weight useful?

Many friends who often exercise are familiar with sit-ups, which is a movement for abdominal weight loss, usually often do sit-ups are difficult to appear large belly body type, it can be seen that sit-ups are exercises that can reduce the belly.

Here we will introduce the sit-ups to lose weight is useful, this is not quite understand the friends can learn through the following.

Do Sit-ups Work for Weight Loss?

1. Sit-ups to Lose Weight is Useful?

Every day adhere to do a certain exercise or targeted action, can have the effect of weight loss, and sit-ups is for abdominal obesity friends have a certain fat loss effect of the action, if you adhere to do more than 50 a day, the belly will disappear, but if you want to slim the whole body, simply by the sit-ups is not the ideal effect, but also need to increase other exercise items.

We can also sit-ups and flat support combined to do, every day to persist, after a month will harvest a solid abdominal lines.

2. A Minute to do a Few Sit-ups it?

Practice sit-ups, the speed should be different from person to person. For friends who just started to do sit-ups a minute to do 10-20, after that gradually increase, each minute can reach about 50. 30-year-old women, sit-ups can be used to prevent gynecological diseases.

It is best to ensure that each minute about sixty, with the age of the increase and decrease, more than 50 years old a minute to do twenty-five can be.

Do Sit-ups Work for Weight Loss?

For those who have a certain fitness base friends, want to enhance abdominal strength through sit-ups, to ensure that a minute to do about 60, will achieve the training purpose.

3. Who is not Suitable for Sit-ups?

Any exercise is based on their own physical condition to choose, do not because others have a good effect of weight loss, and blindly try.

For sit-ups, if your waist strength is not enough, it is recommended not to try, which will aggravate the waist endurance, there will be some damage to the lumbar spine.

And some people feel sore and swollen after doing sit-ups, also not suitable for sit-ups, you can try other movements to lose weight and slim.

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