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Daily Standing a Leg, Practice is not just Balance: Several Benefits, The Body will let you know

When practicing the Standing a Leg, you can make the intention to focus on the body’s qi and blood to the bottom of the foot, can exercise their own balance, but also can effectively prevent dementia, play a role in health.

In addition to this, when the Standing a Leg muscles can also be effectively exercised, can relieve the adverse effects of long-term sedentary.

Standing a Leg practice is also very simple, just lift any foot, toes down, eyes closed, hands natural vertical, maintain a period of time, and then change the other side can be. Time can be gradually lengthened according to personal circumstances, the practice of the way, leg soreness, swelling, numbness are normal.

However, if knee pain occurs, you should reduce the standing time or stop, and at the end of the exercise, you can gently pat the knee to relax.

It is worth noting that elderly people over 70 years old or those with unstable feet or children with poor balance are not suitable for this health action.

In addition to choosing the right health action, a balanced diet, maintaining a happy mood, adequate sleep and so on are very critical to health. Especially it is very important to look at wellness correctly!

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