Sexual HealthBeware! Take these drugs can affect Sexual function

Beware! Take these drugs can affect Sexual function

In outpatient clinics, when faced with patients who come for sexual dysfunction, doctors often ask in detail whether the patient has other underlying diseases and whether he or she has been taking certain medications for a long time.

Many patients do not understand this, thinking that “I just came to see impotence, you can just give me some medicine”. In fact, the doctor’s inquiry is precisely to find the possible causes of sexual dysfunction.

So, what are the drugs that can have an adverse effect on sexual function? In general, these drugs can be divided into three categories: anti-hypertensive drugs, antipsychotic drugs and hormonal drugs.

Beware! Take these drugs can affect Sexual function

Beware! Take these drugs can affect Sexual function

1. Anti-hypertensive drugs

Hypertension is one of the most common clinical diseases and common diseases. Hypertension itself is also one of the influencing factors leading to sexual dysfunction. Hypertension can induce systemic vascular remodeling and atherosclerosis.

Such changes are naturally present in the cavernous body as well, which can cause narrowing of the cavernous vascular lumen and increased vascular resistance, resulting in less blood entering the tissues and thus causing erectile dysfunction in men.

At the same time, most patients with hypertension need to take medication for a long time, even for life. However, most anti-hypertensive medications can affect the normal sexual function of patients. These effects include decreased libido, ejaculation disorders, and erectile dysfunction.

Patients with hypertension have the right to pursue a quality of sexual life. Once patients find that their sexual function is affected, they must promptly reflect to the doctor, and try to replace the anti-hypertensive drugs under the guidance of the doctor, in order to obtain a more satisfactory sexual life state while effectively controlling blood pressure.

Beware! Take these drugs can affect Sexual function

2. Anti-psychotic drugs

In addition to anti-hypertensive drugs, another common clinical drugs that can easily affect sexual function is antipsychotic drugs. Anti-psychotic drugs may affect various stages of sexual function, causing decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder, decreased orgasm satisfaction, etc.

The sexual function of patients with psychiatric disorders is often overlooked and the patients themselves may be reluctant to express their complaints in this regard. This requires the clinician to take sexual function into account when formulating a treatment plan for the patient, in order to ensure the quality of the patient’s sexual life as much as possible while treating the disease.

3. Hormonal drugs

In addition to the above two categories of drugs that affect sexual function, there is another category of drugs that are less common but do have an impact on sexual function – hormonal drugs. Hormonal drugs will mainly inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonadotropin, thus lowering testosterone and affecting libido, and can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

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