Prostate5 Things Can Not Do, Men's Prostate Good

5 Things Can Not Do, Men’s Prostate Good

The actual fact is that you sho Prostate lesions not only bring physical discomfort to men, but mental pressure makes male compatriots miserable, and even severely destroys male self-esteem.

Men should learn as much as possible about prostate related knowledge, and do a good job of health care at ordinary times. Here is a brief introduction to which bad habits the prostate is most afraid of in life.

1. Drinking Alcohol

Studies have concluded that alcohol can cause edema and congestion of the prostate and bladder neck, leading to acute urinary retention.

5 Things Can Not Do, Men's Prostate Good

When a person drinks alcohol, especially alcohol, alcohol will flow into all parts of the body with the blood. After the prostate is stimulated by alcohol, it will quickly become excited, causing local capillary congestion and swelling. Long-term congestion and swelling are bound to cause inflammation. Which leads to the occurrence of prostatitis.

Therefore, alcohol abuse is very harmful to the prostate. Male compatriots should try to reduce unnecessary entertainment and dinners, drink less alcohol or stop drinking directly.

2. Sitting Still for a Long Time

Due to the particularity of the growth position of the prostate, if men sit for a long time, the prostate will bear a certain amount of pressure. Such long-term compression will easily lead to congestion, blockage of the prostate ducts, and poor drainage of glandular fluid. Slowly, the prostate will be exposed to pressure. The inflammation also came unexpectedly.

This is a great way to get the most out of your life. It is recommended to get up for 15 to 20 minutes for every 2 hours of sitting.

3. Abuse of Aphrodisiac Drugs

As many men grow older, their husbands and wives become unable to live their lives, so they want to take aphrodisiac drugs to improve sexual function, and ignore the impact on the prostate when taking drugs.

Abuse of Aphrodisiac Drugs

Although temporary sexual function has been improved, it virtually leads to the occurrence of prostatitis, and prostatitis can cause sexual dysfunction. In this case, if you continue to take aphrodisiac drugs, it will form a vicious circle, which is counterproductive.

4. Married Life Too Little or Even No

As the husband and wife get older, the desire of both husband and wife decreases to varying degrees. It seems normal on the surface, but it will be very detrimental to the male prostate in the long run.

Married Life Too Little or Even No

Since there is no married life, the fluid secreted by the prostate cannot be excreted. Unblocked will cause a great burden to the prostate, and over time will cause prostatitis and even prostate stones.

5. Like to Eat Spicy and Other Stimulating Food

We know that the prostate is a very sensitive organ. Excessive consumption of spicy foods such as chili, green onions, garlic, pepper, sesame pepper and other foods can also cause prostate congestion and swelling, which can induce prostatitis.

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