Sexual Health5 Great Tips! How Can Men Maintain Their Sexual Power at 50?

5 Great Tips! How Can Men Maintain Their Sexual Power at 50?

After men turn 50, their sex drive and sexual ability will decline significantly. So how can middle-aged and older men maintain their sexuality and improve the quality of their married life? Mastering the five tricks can help middle-aged and elderly people to improve libido!

Tip 1: Regular Exercise, Quit Smoking & Limit Alcohol

Exercise has a positive effect on sex. People who adhere to regular exercise, agile response, slow aging of organs, increased resistance to disease. Strong physical fitness will slow down the decline of sexual function.

Regular Exercise, Quit Smoking & Limit Alcohol

Studies have proven that alcohol slows down the production of testosterone, and the toxins in cigarettes can inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.

Tip 2: Adhere to The Supplement Zinc, Selenium

Zinc, selenium combined can improve the quality of men’s sperm and sperm vitality, shorten sperm liquefaction time, promote sperm production function to improve immunity. Only when the sperm vitality is improved, the male sexual ability can be maintained.

It is medically recommended for men after the age of 50 to take 2-3 months of Yuzhishan tablets, which can help a lot in promoting male sperm production, improving sperm activity and maintaining male sexual function.

Tip 3: Improve Initiative & Insist on Sex

Young men aged 25 to 29, 51% will think of sex when they see their wives naked, but by the age of 45, the number is reduced to only 40%. Studies have found that men over 60 years old have a sexual desire of 90.4%, 54.7% will have a strong sexual desire.

 Improve Initiative & Insist on Sex

Middle-aged couples do not have sex only when the sexual impulse, but to “deliberately and for”, to improve the initiative, but also mutual understanding.

Tip 4: To Control The Speed

Young people make love fast and powerful enough to quickly produce pleasure, but after middle age, both men and women, pleasure will come slower.

Therefore, the men can not be too fast when pumping, each time save enough power to gradually reach orgasm.

Tip 5: Find New Ways

The older you get, the more experience you have with sex, but that doesn’t mean you no longer need to figure it out.

Experts say that couples should also try to find and create new ways to keep sex fresh and a good way to keep sex progressing.

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