Health5 Conditions to Determine whether a Person's Immunity is Good or not?

5 Conditions to Determine whether a Person’s Immunity is Good or not?

Immunity is the body’s self-defense mechanism, and the strength of immunity affects the level of protection system. People with good immunity are able to effectively identify and resolve external harmful substances and thus maintain good health. On the contrary, for people who do not have a high immunity, they cannot reasonably resist the microbial strains of germs and viral infections in the natural environment, and are therefore more prone to various diseases.

How can we tell how our Immune System is?

Here we list 5 conditions, if the situation, it is likely to represent the immune system is not high.

Condition 1: Continuous cold and fever

If we have a fever and cold, high fever and runny nose every now and then in our daily lives, and it takes a long time to get better after a fever and cold, then this is a major manifestation of a low immune system. It is likely that some people will feel that a fever and cold is only a minor problem, so they can take some medicine and get better on their own, so they don’t even need to go to the hospital clinic, which is also wrong.

Although fever and cold is a small problem, but the long-term development trend will also evolve into a major disease, and immunity is not high, fever and cold will also be intermittent good, our work life words will also cause a lot of inconvenience, especially now is still in the new crown epidemic period, the occurrence of fever is likely to not even go out of the door. People who are susceptible to the flu must pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene in their daily lives, and enhance exercise to prevent the flu.

Condition 2: Wound susceptibleg

In daily life, there have been some very easy to damage the situation, such as the case of using a razor, shredding potatoes and burning vegetables, sewing clothes, has been very easy to hurt themselves. General wounds in everyone’s body is still able to heal itself, in this link, contains a hemostatic method, inflammation, reproduction, rebuilding four processes, and this process must Adequate immune cells to participate in order to do so.

Immunity is good, immune cells are abundant, can reasonably promote the diffuse repair of the wound and its skin reconstruction, the wound repair will be faster. On the contrary, if the immune system is not high, not only the wound repair is slow, but also especially easy to appear sense seven, ulceration problems.

Condition 3: Often take medicine

We often say, “medicine is three parts poison”, often take drugs, their own body is likely to have some problems, after taking drugs, may also cause problems. In the case of antibacterial agents, although they can kill germs and prevent inflammation, but long-term use, will also stir up intestinal bacteria, and thus reduce the body’s immunity. And often use antimicrobial, macrophage function will also be weakened to a certain extent, so to enhance the risk of infection, immunity will also be worse.

5 Conditions to Determine whether a Person's Immunity is Good or not?

Therefore, for people who have a normal body, it is very good to keep healthy without taking other drugs, but for people who have health problems, they should follow medical advice and not take drugs indiscriminately.

Condition 4: Frequent anger

Nowadays, people seem to be more and more manic, anxious for no reason, but for a long time in this kind of negative information of high work pressure mentality, the body aldosterone level increases, which will promote the level of immune cells in the blood gradually reduced. The longer you stay in these negative emotions, the stronger the immune cells will be reduced, and then the pathogens in the external natural environment will have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a calm and cheerful emotion. We often see reports of people who have achieved success in cancer prevention, and in the process of sharing their experiences, they will add the phrase of maintaining a positive mindset, which can indeed assist people in defeating annoying places and boosting their immune system, thus defeating the disease.

Condition 5: Poor quality of sleep for a long time

Sleep quality occupies 1/3 of a person’s life, the body is able to get rest in a dormant state, whether it is epidermal skin or internal organs of the body, are able to get rest.

5 Conditions to Determine whether a Person's Immunity is Good or not?

In sleep, the body’s immune system can also release a lot of cytokines, such cytokines can resist the sense of seven, inflammation, often needed. If the rest is not good, cytokines are not enough, it will prevent the conversion of such cytokines into, thus reducing the body’s ability to work against infection drugs, and then the immunity will not be high. Therefore, people with chronic poor sleep quality are also physically weaker.

Therefore, immunity for a person is very critical, we can compare the above 5 conditions, the lower, perhaps your body is the more physically and mentally healthy, accounted for a variety of, you have to find ways to improve immunity.

How to Improve the Immune System?

① Actively participate in physical exercise, can enhance the blood circulation system, accelerate the transport of immune cells, and reasonably enhance physical literacy.

② Eating more fruits and vegetables and fruits to supplement nutrients and dietary fiber and other nutrients to give raw materials for immune cells.

③ Maintain a happy mood, without having to have a lot of nesting, so that the body’s immune system can be fully committed to solving the external natural environment.

Conclusion: The necessity of immunity for the body is well known, so why don’t you distinguish whether your immunity is good or bad, and on this basis, find ways to enhance it, according to the regulation of daily life with diet, fitness and exercise, emotions to promote immunity.

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