Fitness4 Muscle Building Skills to Improve Fitness Results

4 Muscle Building Skills to Improve Fitness Results

More and more people are choosing to turn on the fitness workout in order to lose a lot of weight and to develop a good-looking body line. People who go to the gym to exercise, in addition to aerobic exercise, you can not ignore weight training.

Weight training can enhance the muscle dimension, help you develop a good-looking muscular body, maintain a vigorous metabolic level, stay away from obesity, and also resist the speed of aging.

4 Muscle Building Skills to Improve Fitness Results and Get in Shape Faster

4 Muscle Building Skills to Improve Fitness Results

1. Gradually Improve The Weight

Fitness training is divided into cardio and strength training, if you want to improve the muscle dimension, we need to carry out weight training.

And weight training is not set in stone, fitness novice, beginners and fitness veterans suitable weight are different, we can only start with low weight training at the beginning.

And as muscle strength improves, we need to gradually raise the weight level, so as to give the muscle deeper stimulation, and gradually improve the muscle dimension, to get a more excellent body line.

2. Reasonable Allocation of Rest Time

The body is divided into major muscle groups, fitness training is not the whole body muscle group training a daily, but the need to reasonably allocate muscle group training, to give the muscle enough rest time, so that the efficiency of muscle gain will improve.

Muscle growth is not in the training time, but in the time of rest. Each muscle group needs to rest 2-3 days after training, so we need to reasonably allocate muscle group training, for example: each time you can arrange 2-3 muscle group exercise, the next day to arrange other muscle group training, to give the muscle enough rest time.

For example, today’s training chest + arms, tomorrow’s training chest + shoulders, the day after the training of the buttocks and legs, abdominal muscles, 3 days a cycle of rotational training.

4 Muscle Building Skills to Improve Fitness Results

3. Improve The Quality of Action

When training for fitness, we should keep in mind that the standard of action is the first, and then only to improve the level of weight. Wrong action posture will make other muscle groups in the body excessive borrowing, compensatory phenomenon, easy to strain the muscle, fitness accidents, can not go farther in the fitness road.

Therefore, fitness training, we must learn the standard trajectory of the action, slow down the action, feel the force of the target muscle groups, the action to do the whole thing, do not sacrifice the quality of the action in order to improve the load.

4. Proper Aerobic Exercise

When muscle building training, we can not completely stop aerobic exercise, although aerobic exercise can not help you improve muscle dimensions, but proper aerobic exercise can brush low body fat rate , to avoid the accumulation of fat, but also to improve their physical endurance, improve cardiorespiratory function, help improve sports performance.

Therefore, 2-3 times a week aerobic exercise is a must, we can start with running, rope skipping, open jumping and other exercises, each time about half an hour to strengthen physical endurance.

When training for fitness, adhere to these 4 muscle building tips can help you improve the effect of muscle building, faster to train a good body.

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