Healthy4 Healthy Lifestyles

4 Healthy Lifestyles

What is a Healthy Lifestyle, how to do to get Healthy?

1. Adhere to the exercise plus sufficient sleep.

Exercise is good for health, and sleep helps to recover physical strength and keep the body energetic.

2. Meditation.

It can help to reach the intention of a healthy body to aspire to health, only then will the person be healthy. Good intentions can change a person’s mind and heart. When we think good, positive things, the brain secretes endorphins, moody; think bad things produce the opposite substances, making people sick and accelerate aging.

3. Reasonable dietary structure.

Eat less high-protein, high-fat, high-calorie “three high” food. Meat food contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, this kind of food should be eaten less as the best. Eat more water-rich foods as appropriate. Fruits, vegetables, sprouts and other foods contain a lot of water, can supply the body with rich water, vitamins and dietary fiber, can help the body of waste and toxins dilution and excretion.

4 Healthy Lifestyles

The order of eating food. Each meal should be eaten first fruit, then vegetables; each meal only eat a protein, not chicken, duck, fish, meat, etc. mixed together; last eat the main food, and coarse and fine mix for the best.

Keep it light and control the amount of food. Excessive salty, sweet, oily taste, easy to lead to blood sticky, immune system decline. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cirrhosis of the liver, stomach cancer and other diseases are related to eating too much salt. The daily salt intake of human body should not exceed 6 grams. Fats and oils make the blood sticky. Control the amount of food, eat only seven or eight minutes full at each meal to reduce the burden on the stomach.

4. Invest in health.

Some people tend to be overdrawn health, and then spend a lot of money on medical treatment. In fact, the best doctor in life is himself, should invest more in health to prevent illness. The following is a summary of a healthy lifestyle, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to do.

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