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2021 “junk food” exposure, Instant noodles into a healthy food? The top of the list is popular among children

People can’t live without food, in addition to the normal three meals a day, and occasionally eat a snack, drink. However, some foods do not provide our body with the nutrients it should have, but will affect the health of the body.

Therefore, in life, people have a certain strict control over their diet. But there is such a category of food, popular, that is, people often say “junk food”, especially some children, no matter how many times parents say, still can not resist the temptation.

When it comes to “junk food“, the first thing that comes to mind is probably instant noodles. Instant noodles were originally intended to solve people’s urgent dietary needs, but I don’t know when they became the “junk food” that people talk about.

2021 "junk food" exposure, instant noodles into a healthy food?

2021 Junk food exposure, Instant noodles into a healthy food?

Too many additives, harmful to health, carcinogenic and a series of other statements are endless, as if people are afraid of instant noodles, especially for children’s diet control more strict.

But what is so scary about instant noodles? We can see that instant noodles are mainly composed of three parts: noodles, vegetable packets, and seasoning packets, which are at most high in calories and cannot fully meet people’s nutritional needs, and are not at all related to “garbage”.

If people dislike instant noodles to eat no nutrition, in fact, you can change a way to eat, that is, by cooking, adding some vegetables and other food they like to eat, in order to ensure that the required their own nutrition.

If the child must eat, the seasoning packet can not be put all the way through, put a third is actually about the same, parents can also add some vegetables in it to reduce the calorie intake of children.

Therefore, instant noodles are not really “junk food”, there is absolutely no need to avoid it to the depths, occasionally use it to emergency is also a good choice.

No. 1: Spicy food

There is no doubt that spicy strips ranked first, we can often see the existence of spicy strips in the supermarket, but the price of spicy strips in general supermarkets is still relatively expensive. And in some school kiosks, often see are 50 cents a packet, 1 yuan a packet.

These spicy strips are full of color and flavor, so they are very popular with people, whether they are children or adults, as long as they have tried the taste of spicy strips, from then on they will not forget. Even some foreign friends have eaten them and fallen in love with them ever since.

In fact, many people know that there are a lot of additives as well as preservatives added to them, which are heavy, and there is also the chili oil which comes from nowhere, not to mention whether it is nutritious for people, eating too much of it is also bad for the body. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the mouth of their children.

No. 2 : Grilled sausage

We all like to eat kielbasa on the list and in the forefront, I believe this is unexpected, after all, a kielbasa is not cheap, and kielbasa is not made of sausage, how to become “junk food”.

In fact, there are a lot of hidden dangers of grilled sausage, not to mention that it also adds a lot of additives, the content of some of them also exceed the limit. The most critical point is that the meat in the grilled sausage who knows how it came to be. Therefore, kebab sausage also on the list to become a member of the “junk food”.

No. 3 : Carbonated beverages

Carbonated drinks on the list, unsurprisingly, is recognized in people’s minds as “junk food”, which adds a lot of coloring and sugar, these things have an impact on people’s bodies.

And it also adds a lot of carbon dioxide, which is why carbonated drinks have a lot of bubbles to drink. Carbonated drinks are not beneficial to people’s health, and children drink too much, but also affect the healthy growth.

2021 "junk food" exposure, instant noodles into a healthy food

No. 4 : Milk tea

Milk tea is also a popular drink nowadays, it seems to be milk and tea, which is helpful to the body. But milk tea is actually considered “junk food”, because the milk used is not real milk, mainly cream, and also add a lot of fructose.

Milk tea is also a high-calorie product, often drink too much fat intake, and may also lead to obesity, is not conducive to the healthy growth of children. So, also to drink less.

No. 5 : Canned goods

Supermarkets are also a variety of canned goods, whether it is canned fruit or canned meat, are the reprocessing of food, which will have a large number of additives, such as preservatives, sugar and flavors. Therefore, this type of secondary processed food is also not recommended for children to eat.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables contain some large amounts of fiber, and these fibers are all natural, especially some vegetables also contain a large number of vitamins, eat more of these vegetables can replenish people’s body needs of nutrition.

Eat more fruits

Fruit contains a lot of vitamins, and many fruits are also on the sweet side, suitable for children’s taste, can provide nutrition, but also be effectively absorbed by the body, stored in the body’s healthy development.

“Junk food” to eat too much not only does not have any benefits to the body, but also may cause the body’s burden, affecting health, therefore, the “junk food” to strictly control, occasionally eat once okay, often eat may also destroy the body’s immunity, causing dysfunction.

Parents in the control of children’s diet, they should also do a good example, do not eat in front of the child some of your own “denial” of food, so that the child can develop a good habit.

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