Elderly10 Conditions life advice you must be useful

10 Conditions life advice you must be useful

From the relics left by a 90-year-old long-lived man on his deathbed, people discovered that she spent the last two and a half years of her life jotting down her secrets of longevity and wisdom of life for the elderly.

Summed up 10 points, I hope to share with you.

1. Don’t keep thinking about the past

No matter what you are going through now, you have to remember that you can see the rainbow after the storm. Just do your best, control what you can control, and let God decide the rest. The only way to grow is to learn to let go.

2. Do your best to do what’s in front of you

Life should be as simple as possible, you don’t have to do everything yourself, you don’t have to rush to finish something, just focus on one thing at a time. Take a deep breath when you feel tired, and then do your best to do what’s in front of you.

3. Never pretend to be yourself

Let others accept the real you, and speak your mind even if you are afraid. Be the most real you, you are the most beautiful person in the world. So go your own way and let others say so!

4. Don’t deliberately pursue wealth, but happiness

When you are old, you will find that the most precious part of things is the value, not the price. The happiest times are those days when you have no money and can smile heartily, this is true happiness, blindly pursuing money will make you more unfortunate.

5. Always have hope

Over time, you will hit a wall, will fall, but no matter what, you have to have hope, then a very small threat may evolve into a rope, pull you out of trouble.

6. Even if you change, it does not matter

Life may smooth your edges, prompting you to become mature and worldly, do not feel ashamed of some of their ideas sometimes. No one is the same, when someone tells you that you have changed, you are just stronger than before.

7. No one is going to hurt you

You need to understand that most of the pain and unhappiness does not come from your situation, but because of your attitude. So smile at those who hurt you and are jealous of you as a way to show them that no one will take anything away from you.

8. Care for those around you

When your friends and family say “I’m okay,” look them in the eye, hug them tightly, and say “I know you’re not.” Even if they only think of you when they need you, do not be frustrated, but feel honored to be their “beacon of light”.

9. Always look back

Learn to love yourself and don’t lower your standards for just anyone. Always look back at the past, look at yourself and say “I can’t believe I did that”.

10. Failure to take a different path

The strongest person is the one who can still smile sincerely in the face of trials and tribulations. Smile because you have the confidence not to be defeated, if you do not succeed, go find a new beginning.

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